A Peak into the Mind Behind Sixcell, A Runner-Up in the Underground’s Growing Clothing Brands

Graphics and visuals are some of the most important elements of modern day music and culture.

Whether it’s a logo design, a cover for your new favorite project, or a clothing brand; graphic designers bring ideas into a real-life with images that can be consumed and enjoyed and can even cause emotions that are specifically directed by the artist or designer.

With hundreds of graphic designers on the scene, there are only a few whose talents and originality allow them to permeate the media. Art that goes beyond your phone screen, art that is beginning to receive recognition from other people in the industry.

One of those artists is Jake Sixcell. Hailing from sunny California, Sixcell has a passion for creating intriguing clothing and media through his experimental graphic design. Boasting a little over 1,000 followers—the brand is still in it’s beginning stages—Sixcell is making an impact beyond the twitter feed.

I spoke with Sixcell lightly about his brand, work, and life.

Exclusive Sixcell jeans.

KEVSPEAKSTRUTH: Who is Sixcell and where do the name and brand come from?

Jake: I’m sixcellphones and I was trying to think of a name for my brand so I just took the phones off lmao

KEVSPEAKSTRUTH: Ha! I can appreciate the creativity. How did you get into graphic design?

Jake: I took a graphic design class my freshman year of high school and I kinda learned all the photoshop basics from there.

KEVSPEAKSTRUTH: That is pretty dope! I think it’s super interesting to see people finding a passion for something like this so young. Who are some of your favorite graphic designers or fashion brands?

Jake: There’s a lot of talented graphic designers on twitter shoutout Blazzy, Bailey, Travis, NPZ and hella other people just to name a few. My favorite clothing brands are BAPE, BBC Ice Cream and early 2000s Supreme and Stussy.

The influences of the latter brands apparent throughout Sixcell’s catalog.

Some newer pieces for clothing brand Sixcell.

KEVSPEAKSTRUTH: Being from New York originally and growing up in Florida, I feel like my personal style or creative directions are heavily influenced by both cultures. Does being from Cali influence your color palettes or textures when designing?

Jake: My surrounding often impacts my designs because I draw inspiration from everywhere but I take most of my color influences from early NBA teams.

KEVSPEAKSTRUTH: That’s super cool. A lot of designers today draw ideas and textures from their childhood to help create new and inventive designs. One designer/artist I think of is Virgil Abloh, the current Artistic Director at Louis Vuitton and CEO of OFF-WHITE, who is known for doing just that.  What is one designer or graphic artist you hope to collaborate with?

Jake: I would love to work with Kerwin Frost, Drakeo the ruler or Larry David on anything. Also Erick Koston or TK.

KEVSPEAKSTRUTH: I really like how versatile that list is. In the case of Drakeo The Ruler, for example, I know his cover art and graphics are usually top-notch. A lot of artists don’t think it makes sense to spend $100, $50, even a $30 on graphic design. In your opinion why should artist invest in good graphics? Why not?

Jake: No one’s gonna buy your clothes if you got shitty graphics… Actually, I take that back LMAO there are some brands with shitty graphics that people eat up but time will tell whos in this genuinely or not.

KEVSPEAKSTRUTH: That I can definitely agree with. Thank you for taking the time to speak with me! Are there any people you want to shoutout or anything you want people to be on the lookout for?

Jake: Shoutout everyone man shoutout Noize, Half Evil, Absent, Juvenile, SHOUTOUT EVERYONE MAN!!

Follow Sixcell on Twitter and Instagram and be sure to cop a piece.

Kevin Andrew Coss

Kevspeakstruth is a artist and writer living in Orlando,FL. He is passionate about providing engaging and uplifting content — whether it be through his articles or his music. You can get in contact with him via Twitter or Instagram.

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