Author: Samuel Alsina

Jon Wayne drops video for reflective “These Words Are Everything”

Jon Wayne drops video for reflective “These Words Are Everything”

Jonwayne recently released “Rap Album 2” a follow up to “Rap Album 1” released in 2013. Jonwanye first gained recognition in 2011 for his production on popular underground tapes “Bowser” & “Death Of Andrew” EP, as well as his rap mixtapes & album released under Stones Throw Label....


$uicideboy$ drop vapor-wave themed dystopian party video for “Here We Go Again” featuring Germ.  

Enjoy some Floridian indie vibes with “This Thing Called Love”, Ben Chandler’s new single off his upcoming EP

Ben Chandler realeases “This Thing Called Love”, a beautiful indie ballad dedicated to love, that includes hip hop elements & a verse from florida rapper Dominic Fike. “This Thing Called Love” is set to be on Ben Chandlers upcoming EP, which has yet to have a title. Check out the...

FL Native Yeek drops single “Only in the West”

Los Angles musician / singer / rapper Yeek drops his new west coast blues ode “Only In The West” from upcoming album “Sebastian” set to be released in April. Yeek began working on his latest album after coming off “The Slacker Tour” in California, New York, and Florida performing songs...

TRIIYP brings some refreshingly honest music + dope visuals

1 minute into Let Me Breathe and immediately the don’t give a fuck vibes settle in. Residing from Emeryville, California, a small city adjacent to Oakland, TRIIYP brings you the west coast vibes we gotta show love from Florida. Website: http://www.triiyp.com/music-1/ Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/triiyp

Listen to “V O I D” by @CazAglets

Caz’s debut album V O I D, written and released by Caz himself before the age of 18, deserves your attention. Caz shows promise through melodic catchy hooks and great lyricism at his still very young age. Popular single “Myspace ’98” displays Caz’s impressive flows, bu we suggesy our personal favorite,...