Author: Neil Ekisola

Meet @YVNGCOCOMSGRV–Broward County’s Upcoming Female Rapper

We don’t know much about Broward County rapper YVNGCOCOMSGRV, but we do know she stands out with her roots stemming everywhere from heavy metal to indie sounds and it seems like she’s really here to make an impact on the hip hop industry. You can find out more about YVNGCOCOMSGRV on Twitter, Instagram, and listen...

Drag Racing EP Cover Art

Listen to @StonedHels & @FlightSquadRG_ new tape – Drag Racing

Check out RG & Hippy Cocaine’s first collaborative project Drag Racing. Atlanta Rapper Hippy Cocaine and Hialeah Rapper RG linked up only two months ago at a show in Miami and hit it off right away. In their own words, “The vibe felt right and we talked, smoked...

Lil Pump Just Released A New Track–Boss

Lil Pump just released a new track, titled “Boss” on SoundCloud. Take a listen to it below, and stay tuned to see what the XXL Freshman nominee has in store for us in the future.