@BansWave is the upcoming “SoundCloud Rapper” of the streetwear world–peep their first collection “Fuck Da Opps”


When 17-year-old Atlanta, Georgia native Dylan Morgan graduates from high school in May of 2018 he already plans to be fully committed to a world of skateboarding, fashion classes and SoundCloud rap.

Before then, we had a chance to speak with him.

Currently, as a high school senior, Dylan is pursuing his very own streetwear brand “BansWave” full time. Inspired by obscure but meaningful minimalist fashion, skateboarding and popular SoundCloud rappers such as Lil Pump and Prado Bans, Dylan has launched an “edgy” yet minimalist clothing line rooted in floral patterns and 3 letter acronyms.

While in school, Dylan is cultivating his skate culture and music influenced brand with fresh graphics and dreams to collaborate with designers like Caleb of Gnarcotic in the future. His debut collection, FDO, which stands for Fuck Da Opps, promotes people to rise against their opposition. The collection includes hoodies and foot socks with a price range of $18-$30.

As a minimalist fashion connoisseur, Dylan has learned everything he knows about fashion by watching and learning from his mothers style. “My mom can take a $1500 bag and throw on some camouflage pants, some Dr. Martens and a sweatshirt from the thrift store and have my female friends mimic her fit all day on Instagram” says Dylan, impressed by him mothers ability to not ony look dope, but inspire others to do the same.

BansWave will be a moody display of Dylan’s emotions–what he loves, what he hates, and how he feels. Every collection and every article of clothing he designs will be a representation of what mood he is in at that moment. If Dylan is depressed, you can count on the graphics being dark and gloomy and edgy; contrarily if Dylan is happy, you can expect expressive graphics using bright pastel colors.

SoundCloud rap and skateboarding are Dylan’s primary source of influence for BansWave. Dylan will typically listen to Lil Pump and Prado Bans while he designs and go to the skate park. While in school, Dylan frequents local skate parks in Atlanta and if he’s not skating, he just sits on his car and watches people skate for inspiration as he jots down ideas.

The FDO collection is something that Dylan is very proud of, it features two different hoodies and foot socks and will soon include cut’n’sew pieces as well as pants. It’s very clean and simple but edgy at the same time.

Although quite simple, this brand is something I can defiantly see gaining traction quickly due to its inspirations and aesthetics.

Check out BansWave on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and visit their website to place an order. Use code “UNDERVIEWS” for an exclusive discount.

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