Behind The Beat: A Closer Look At JCAM!

As 2017 comes to an end, it can be said that this year, producers started getting more credit for their work. Over here at UNDERVIEWS, we believe producers are just as important as the artists who accompany them when making music. For today’s Behind The Beat, we take a close look at JCAM (@JCAMBEATS), an upcoming producer from the Burlington, Canada area.

Although from Canada, JCAM says he strays away from the typical “Toronto Sound” and tries his best to make different sounding music. He states he gets a lot of his musical inspiration from SESHOLLOWWATERBOYZ and Yung Lean. The proud Logic Pro X user describes his hometown as a “safe, privileged suburban city, not a lot going on really”.

It would be hard to pinpoint a specific name for JCAM’s sound as he switches up fairly often. When in doubt, he prefers to make ambient/dark sounding trap beats which he gets long time collaborator HottubJohny to perform angel like vocals over. JCAM’s credits are on rising names like Lucki, 2kthaGoon, BigBabyGucci and more, but after meeting Hottub in a group chat and quickly releasing music, the two became unstoppable. JCAM and HottubJohny have a mixtape coming very soon! Even after getting placements with new and hot rising artists, JCAM still is hard on himself by enforcing high goals which he seeks to achieve flawlessly. It was noted that Bby Goyard’s track “Chasing Amy” (link below) was the most fun track to produce this year, with the help of Speedway.

Producing isn’t JCAM’s only route though. He currently attends Ryerson University in Toronto for Geography. He says his “sources” informed him that there are a lot of high paying jobs in the field so you can’t hate on that. If producing ever got to the point where JCAM could make it a full time job, he would jump at the opportunity. With so much potential from one individual, JCAM is definitely a producer to keep your eye on in 2k18.

You can follow JCAM on SoundCloud & Twitter.


Artist from Fayettville NC.

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