Behind the Beat: A Closer Look At Trapphones!

Another producer that is catching the eye of us over here at UNDERVIEWS is the young Bay Area native that goes by the name of Trapphones. Trapphones‘ come up story really impressed us and we saw it only fitting that we cover the man behind the beat of Lil Pump’s FIRST song on his FIRST mixtape. “What U Sayin'” co-produced by South Carolina native FadedBlacKid, was Trapphones’ first big placement, and it could not have happened at a better time for him.

Producing since 15, the now 18 year old FL Studio user has taken a more serious approach towards music. Trapphones told us that right before the Lil Pump placement, his producing had taken a turn, “…The (Lil Pump) placement was insane, the feeling is unreal. Its like a mix of anxiety and pure excitement, it was crazy too because around that time I wasn’t satisfied with the progress I was making and feeling really discouraged but blessings come when you least expect them. When FBK (FadedBlacKid) told me we got the placement, I was like, ‘damn this is the motivation I needed’. It slapped me in the face pretty much and told me to keep working hard”.

Trapphones accredits his influences to come from BigheadOnTheBeat, another upcoming producer that has produced for almost all of your favorite underground and mainstream artists and Fayetteville, NC native, DP Beats, who has worked heavily with Lil Uzi Vert and Chief Keef. With big placement goals for 2018 like Lil Candypaint, Slimesito, and Lil Tracy we expect to see Trapphones continue the hard work and 808s. The Bay Area native said that he’s currently looking into colleges in case producing doesn’t pay the bills, saying he’d love a job in marketing over at Spotify. Trapphones said his biggest tip for new producers making their way throughout the endless wave of artists would be to “…stay original and make beats you want to make and eventually you will get a placement. It is only a matter of time and patience and finding your own sound shouldn’t be forced, it should come with time”.

Songs that Trapphones has produced can be found right below:

You can follow Trapphones on Instagram, Twitter & Soundcloud. You can find his beats on his Traktrain.


Artist from Fayettville NC.

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