Behind The Beat: Meet Propane Lord, The Producer Behind Lucki’s Next Mixtape


Kicking off 2018, Propane Lord is dominating the game right now. Having just produced the OG Maco and Warhol.SS banger, “Loaded“, Propane Lord is adding to his résumé. The Huntington Beach native has also just produced Lucki’s soon-to-be released mixtape “6 BELOW”, co-produced THOUXANBANFAUNI’s Dream (below) and Yung Bans‘ track, “DOLLA SIGNS” (listen above). Propane Lord shows his rap skills with N8Z on a track produced by KeithCharles Spacebar,  “GOLD MOUF“. He doesn’t stop there either, he recently started to DJ for Lucki in November and picked up a skill to help him conquer this year’s music scene.

Propane Lord describes his hometown as pretty mellow and suburban but it has bad areas as well, everyone may think it is like paradise because of the beach but personally you wont catch Propane Lord on the beach. The FL Studio 11 user actually manages other local California artists N8Z and .WAVas well as North Carolina native iloveyouoxxy!. Having his hand in many aspects of the undeground music scene, he started listening to old school hip hop music at a young age even though he wasn’t allowed to, also quoting a big influence in his music is The Alchemist.

With having big, but very obtainable goals, Propane Lord would like to see his name on the credits for names like Young Thug and Yung Bans. He would also like to start making R&B music to give his music even more variety. Propane Lord gave some insight for upcoming producers in regards to getting placements, “Be yourself,  and don’t front. It’s easy to tell when someone is lying and placement wise I wouldn’t worry about it heavily until they ask you ya’ know? If you have an ear for music you’ll most likely get a placement, just need to have a good ear”. We expect Propane Lord to do damage this year and here at UNDERVIEWS, we would like to see him on top!

You can follow Propane Lord on Twitter, and Soundcloud. Check out his beats here on Traktrain!


Artist from Fayettville NC.

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