Behind The Beat: Trap Legend Supa Gucci Talks About His Plans for 2K18 and “The Golden Era of Soundcloud”

SWIDLIFE & SSX‘s very own Supa Gucci sat down with us recently to talk a little about his background & what the Up-State, New York native has planned this year.

Supa Gucci described his hometown area as, “honestly, not as cool as you think…”. He goes on to say that the weather often changes and there isn’t really any culture to his native area making it the least bit inspiring, but it could be worst. He does give the credit that there are a decent amount of artists from the same area, though not very connected, all are in their own wave, doing their own thing. Gucci described his on sound as somewhere between Trap music and Wave music, but he makes so many beats his sound can be fluid at times.

Art by: RaelyFLA

After dropping a couple big trap releases this year and scoring a feature with lil House Phone & bbno$, Gucci says that is only a taste of what is to come. He goes on to credit the big family and community around him, supporting his every move and allowing him to expand.

Many people may not know, but Supa Gucci has been making trap hits for 4 years now! We talked about his influences and some of the names back in the “Golden Era of Soundcloud”. Supa Gucci gave us a detailed list of producers that influenced him to be the great producer he is today. He stated, “the whole 2014 SoundCloud scene inspired me. The classics. Misogi, Glxy, lil Netzero, Loud Lord, and Cight.” He accredits a lot of his influnce to have come from Blvc Svnd, Eera, Capncrunch, and Bighead.

We started to talk about the scene back in 2014 compared to the music scene now. Stating that there was definitely a big change in the scene and sound since then. 2014 had a wavy trap aesthetic that we both came to reminisce on, especially one producer, Yugi Boi. We talked about how his distorted 808s would blow speakers, and back then that was perfectly fine.

At only 21, the FL Studio 11 user has big plans for this year, “2018 I have big changes coming as an artist. I’ll be continuing in my trap routes for sure but I also have some cool placements coming which will hopefully get me even more placements from more names everyone recognizes. I want my name to be remembered.” He states good timing, hard work and dedication go a long way in this new music scene. “Nothing good happens over night when it comes to this shit. Patience really is key”.

Art by: RaelyFLA

Over here at UNDERVIEWS we hope to see Supa Gucci come back and visit to let us know how his 2018 is going. Personally, we see a Trippie Redd placement in the young producers future. You can follow Supa Gucci on Twitter and Soundcloud.


Artist from Fayettville NC.

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