Ca$h Fendi aims for the “H-Town” crown with his debut, “Creme De La Creme”

Houston has established itself as a city that’s been poised as a primary point for the South and a cultural trendsetter for the 3rd Coast. In the transition of the city’s transition of the city’s sound, we’ve seen the likes of Maxo Kream, Trill Sammy, Dice Soho, Rocky Banks, and more go beyond the Texas borders and achieve success on a national scale. In the gumbo bowl of artists who are bubbling in the city, Cash Fendi rises and gets himself apart with his inaugural tape, “Creme De La Creme”.

The 10-track mixtape is his first body of work that encompasses his talent as a solo artist oppose to his material that’s he’s done with his group, The TRBE.

In this project, Fendi bounces from sampling vintage Lil Wayne on “Shy Bitch” to creating cash making anthem with “Run It Up” to making collaborative slappers with Wes Blanco on “Bruce Wayne”. Aside from the striking lyrically tenacity with strong production from the likes of SoloHendrixx and BeldonDidThat.

This may be an introductory project, but it’s certainly a piece of work that’ll not only set the tone for Fendi to break out even more in 2018, but this will show how he’s going to play an instrumental role into the growing Houston scene.

Watch his video for “Shy Bitch” here:

You can find Ca$h Fend on Twitter, Instagram and SoundCloud.

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