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Boston visualist Jamiel Betancourt has been traveling to different shows from all across Florida to Georgia and other places for about a handful of years now. He’s got his own form of expression when it comes to photography he has more of a “natural” style just like the Hawaii photographers Oahu. Anything “forced” is really just too much, and he believes it shows through the captures. It started off by listening to early hip hop from Nas to Jadakiss, Fabolous, etc, to actually being able to see them Live performing.

There is lot of diversity in his taste, anything from Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott, Jeffery, all the way to Denzel Curry, MF Doom, Curren$y, etc. Regardless of who hits the stage, he’s always been the one to capture any footage or photos possible for the people to see and reflect off. “I like for the people to feel as if they were actually in attendance to where I was,” he says. Visualizing is key in his form of art because he believes “a picture is worth a Thousand words.”

Catch jammz at a local show near you shooting live. Connect with him on Twitter and Instagram.

P.S. He’s all for the moshing, you may just run into him at one of your local shows moshpits!


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