What is Denzel Curry’s Clout Circus?

Carol City artist Denzel Curry has been steadily climbing the ranks of rap for some time now, dropping his first major project Nostalgic 64 in 2013. Since, he has helped pioneer new sub-genres with his music to prove himself as an elite rapper. Now, Curry looks to make his next move.

To close out June and following a brief leave of absence, Denzel sent out an almost cryptic tweet, revealing something might be on the way.

No further information came with the tweet, which depicts a street flyer and what looks to be Curry on it — labeled Clout Circus. By now, the term “clout” comes with a certain connotation that lends itself to criticism, and Curry has been known to criticize popular movements in hip hop culture, like on his recent release “PERCS | PERCZ”

So will Clout Circus be a new single? A project? Or is Curry about to start his own event, perhaps a tour or festival? Only time will tell… so be sure to follow UNDERVIEWS for all the latest news as it happens.

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