Daniel Delacour’s ‘Dazed in Alico’ is Set to Drop on September 2nd—Aimed to Propel Him into the Spotlight of Major Labels

Hailing from our hometown of Naples, Florida, Daniel Delacour is a new exciting character battling to reach the top of the charts.


Daniel Delacour plotting on his rise. Photo shot by @shotbyMAG.

A frequent collaborator with UNDERVIEWS favorite, the one and only Daniel East, Delacour’s promising sound and unmatched vision and guidance is set to propel him to the top.

Naples, best known for the recent signing of Dominic Fike, is currently a ‘gold-mine hotspot’ with major labels from coast to coast eyeing to see who’ll be lucky enough to snatch up the next Southwest Florida artist that will take the industry by the storm. With an abundance of talent seeping through the cracks, the only thing that will set you apart is your ability to work hard and not give up.

Daniel comes from a past we can all relate to: the hardships of losing friends, the reality abusing drugs more than one should, and the phoniness of indulging in too many women. Directly reflected in his new project, Daniel takes you through his journey of pain, reflection, and indulgence.

Originally born and raised in Colombia until he was 7 years old, Delacour immigrated to Florida in 2002. A horrific but all too common story, Delacour and his family came to the states searching for political asylum—a method of protection granted by a nation to someone who has left their native country as a political refugee—after his father had his life threatened a few times by the narco-terrorist in Colombia.


Daniel Delacour is Dazed in Alico. Photo shot by @shotbyMAG.

Delacour grew up in a household where self-expression was encouraged and popular-media was idolized. Elton John, Barry White, Frank Sinatra, Bob Marley, Kool & The Gang, Marvin Gaye, and UB 40 are just some of the names he mentioned to us as memorable musical pieces of his upbringing. His affliction to Spanish genres like salsa, pop, and merengue—namely artists like Juanes and Shakira—allow for a uniquely expansive pallet of music taste in the rap world.

“I grew up in a household where it was religion to wake up to music on saturdays. My father is a self published writer so I guess this shit is in my blood. I wanna wake up and be an artist everyday. I want the challenges of creativity. I don’t want no regular life.” — Daniel Delacour

His introduction to rap stems Gorillaz’s Clint Eastwood music video—a remarkable but now foreign take on rap. Unable to stop talking about it as a kid, his father went and bought him the album that created the rap-monster that now is Daniel Delacour.

From the likes of prominent TopDawgEntertainment (TDE) members Isaiah Rashad, Schoolboy Q, and captivating Dreamville members J.I.D, EarthGang, and Bas, Daniel Delacour creates memorable, relatable deep-toned music that embodies the Florida style of frontrunners like Pouya and Denzel Curry; Aggressive but reflective, drug-and-party induced self-aware music is what sets Daniel Delacour outside for the Florida standard.

His debut project, Dazed in Alico, truly sets an unreachably high bar for Florida artists nationwide. The project—which was exclusively mixed by James Hunt (Grammy award-winning, multi-platinum audio engineer) and mastered by Mike Bozzi, resident engineer at TopDawgEntertainment (TDE)—nearly guarantees local (if not nationwide) success.

The bar-worthy tape will be available on all major streaming platforms, followed by a plethora of media coverage that should ignite the storm that is Delacour.

As far back as early 2018, Daniel Delacour has been invited to be featured in various UNDERVIEWS showcases. Being the only local artists who have ever pulled a crowd of fans who literally sing along to his songs, our team has been struck in awe with his ability to play with words since. The craziest part about that day was that he had (and has) no music currently out or available for streaming anywhere, so who knows how the fuck those people know his music.

When the news of his new project broke, the reality that he could become the next big thing struck me with excitement.

Delacour has not yet publicly previewed any music from his new tape, but we’re told there is a social media rollout for the project scheduled to commence very soon. We’ve had the chance to listen to the project ourselves and can’t put it any other way than this: the music will speak for itself.


As a music lover from a young age, Delacour has tattoos all over his body defining his dedication to the genre he plans to excel in. Photos shot by @shotbyMAG.

You can stay updated with Daniel Delacour on his Twitter and Instagram. You can sign up on his website to be notified the day the project releases.

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