Meet Bonita Springs representer Elyangel, who’s about to make milky-waves with his debut project “Nebula”

I first stumbled upon Elyangel at a local show here in Naples, where me and the boy @Litafied were LITERALLY mind-blown by the quality, coordination, and stage presence of Ely’ and his clique. With too many members to name, they pulled out on-set wearing roller blades while one of them beatboxed to fill the room with vibes. Immediately, Ely reached for a mic and started doing what he does best–ripping the freestyle… ON A BEAT BOX. Truly impressed by the performance, we laughed, smiled and truthfully discredited them thinking it was all staged–which we soon learned wasn’t the case. Needless to say we were twice as impressed.

Ely, born in Houston, Texas, is a Bonita Springs native with incredible lyrical talent. In only the few times I’ve bumped into Ely, I’ve seen him destroy every freestyle he took on.

With the battle rap scene as his roots, he sports an uncanny ability to rap impromptu which sets him apart from many of the other local artists in the area. He went on to utilize these talents when he decided to stray away from the battle rap scene and begin to create original sounds and studio-recorded tracks  that he’d soon release on SoundCloud.

Come April 2018, it’s finally time for Elyangel to drop off his debut project titled “Nebula.”

Cover art to Elyangel’s upcoming project “Nebula” by @contradash.

Ely explained to us at UNDERVIEWS that “Nebula” shall be used as his placeholder or brand establishing project that will propel Ely into being a respectable, truly original artist with a non-pushy style of substance-filled raps. Featuring executive production from @joey_bess, the project is filled with creative, “space-themed,” beats–instead of the recent wave of 808 and drum based heavy beats.

Ely told us he grew up idolizing Lil Wayne and Eminem, both legendary spitters who would make him fall in-love with a scene and lifestyle that just seemed impossible to live. Nowadays, Ely streams a diverse library of things ranging from rock bands, to The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, and 6LACK. Although Ely isn’t the biggest fan of the new Lil Pump-styled wave of music, he understands the attraction and states “there is a time and place for everything.”

With such a diverse ear, we at UNDERVIEWS are definitely excited to see the shooting stars “Nebula” will contain. “Nebula” drops on May 6th.

Be sure to follow Ely on SoundCloud, Instagram, and Twitter and Introduce yourself to his sound by checking out our personal favorites from him: “My Darling” & “Love For You.”

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