Fall in love with SAGA OF THE SANGUINE SAGE by SAGE (@padrongianbarlo)

Pembroke Pines, FL producer-turned-indie artist SAGE recently dropped his debut project SAGA OF THE SANGUINE SAGE, on May 3rd. SAGE produces, masters, records, and mixes all my own music and is a true engineer, artist, and producer. Through his voice, you can hear TRUE artistic passion.

SAGE’s music genres rangee from a combination of synth, indie, R&B, rap, and psychedelic ambiance too. He says it’s “all one big genre” and that “it’s never been done [before].”

His latest work, SAGA OF THE SANGUINE SAGE, is available on SoundCloud, iTunes, and Spotify.

SAGE claims his entrance into the music world was unexpected, and came from quitting his day job as a DJ. After playing requests for some, and dealing with people with plain-ole’ bad music taste, he decided to take it into his own hands to make what he considers the perfect music. SAGE “downloaded [the] program and surprisingly [he] went from making 5 second beats that sounded like trash cans falling to this sound [he has] now,” which is simply great.

Here are some words from SAGE himself:

I gained all these different aspects mostly from my 2 sisters who listened to like 3-4 different genres of music. Varies from hiphop to alternative. Crazy how i’ve ended up here and I’m more than blessed. I don’t know I guess I’m just happy to be doing this, I feel right. I’ve also performed my first show just this weekend and you can find that content on my twitter. My eyes have really opened for music.

You can catch SAGE on TwitterInstagram, and SoundCloud.

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