Featured Artist: Jacksonville, FL producer @countachcoupe releases COUPE II album

This past summer we witnessed the rise of the artist/producer known as Countach who hails from the city of Jacksonville, FL. In fabulous fashion, the artist celebrated the release of his second album. The dramatic self-titled sequel “Coupe II”  carrying strong with the slogan of 90’s baby living through the 80s – no joke.

UNDERVIEWS has the distinct pleasure of covering both this project, and the humble beginnings of a rarely gifted musician. No doubt this project brings forth a rare, dare I even say unprecedented, sound. Countach’s vibe brings forth a nostalgia that will cause you to instantly lose yourself in some distant moment in time. You begin to feel all those warm, dopamine-inducing sensations you probably thought you couldn’t feel anymore. This project is that kind of perfect fusion of various, timeless genres.

Countach will confess that a great deal of this project is art based. You can see this as a definitive result, these smooth collection of tracks continue to run as smooth as the luxury car. The Internet Money disc jockey has already peaked the interest of publications such as ELEVATOR and IndieShuffle with this latest release which features input from Nick Diminico, Dami & AMS. Such singles as “Haven’t Slept Since I Left You”, “I Hate That I Love You”, & “Demo 38” indeed prove to be excellent bait, instantly reeling you in for the ride of your life.

Let’s start with a run through of your latest release “COUPE 2”, what exactly inspired this major release? 

My friend Khalil sent me a photo in a group chat one day that jump started the whole project honestly. This image was my wallpaper for months. I had spent the last year or so working on a completely different project, but then I said “hey I wanna make a sequel toCoupe and I was stumped on what I wanted to do. Then I started working on the project and the answer was clear: I wanted to expand on the Coupe sound a lot. It was amazing to me how I had come such a long way since the original Coupe.

Over the last year, I had been maturing more in a sense. I joined Internet Money around December/January, and that gave me a new perspective on music and how I want move as an artist. I also began to travel and going to actual studios the most I ever had in the last year, which has also helped me mature. Coupe II was a big deal to me because I also wanted to beta-test how people would react do me doing vocals this year. It also doubles as a breakup album for me personally, as I had lost a lot of people close to me in the last year as well.

When things in my personal life go wrong, it fuels me as an artist. So there definitely was that personal therapy going for me with songs like the lead singles I Hate That I Love You, Demo 38, and Yaris. Everything just felt right and I wanted to do it – it all just lined up the right way for me. I can proudly say Coupe II is the best item in my discography as of right now. My projects just get better and better as they come because I take the time to grow from one to the next. So will there be a Coupe 3? I honestly don’t know. Stay tuned.

Tell us what first inspired you to start making music. How did “Countach” first get his start? When did you first begin to take yourself seriously as an artist?  

In the beginning, my middle school years, I was just a producer going by the name Zero. I also wrote songs on a Blackberry just like every other Drake fan with musical aspirations at the time. I used music to deal with a lot of the stuff going on in my life at the time; and it was just therapy more so than my actual craft. I played the trumpet in the marching band then eventually became drum major. Before I began high school, I made a mixtape that was terrible, so terrible, that I never wanted to touch a mic again.

Some time passed, and then I experienced a major breakup and decided to start making beats again because writing songs just wasn’t enough. So about 4 years and 100k plays later, this kid Zero loses his SoundCloud account because he got his 3rd strike from doing too many remixes. It seems like it was fate though, as I had always wanted to rebrand myself and start over.

The name “Countach” had always come to me, as it’s my favorite vintage car. I wanted to get in touch with the sound of 80s synthpop, as I had dabbled in it in my early years producing here and there. So basically all the ideas started coming to me.

Through it all, I feel I took myself pretty seriously from the jump. I knew I wanted to make music for the rest of my life, even if it was a rough start at first. The feeling of creating something with your own two hands and seeing it evoke emotion, reactions out of people is unlike no other.

In terms of my progress with my career, I’d say it’s been rather amazing. I will only continue to get better. I don’t have any super crazy producer placements right now other than a song “Weef La Flare” I coproduced for Wifisfuneral with Nuez. Yet still, i’m about to get to 100k total streams on everything I’ve dropped as Countach in less than a fourth of the time it took me as Zero. I’ve been able to take care of myself in times of need from selling beats. A lot of doors and opportunities have been coming my way as of late, along with everyone else in my team Internet Money. So I’m hoping a lot of those things come to light soon.

Tell us about your inspirations and your creative process. 

All of my art is inspired my mood and how I’m feeling at the time. I know all artists say this, but it’s almost like a rule of a thumb. If I’m sad, whatever I write is gonna be introspective and existential. If I had a kickass day, my 808s might slide, or I might make some disco. Everyone in Internet Money inspires me to do better, and work hard. We all bounce off each other in that sense. My homie Mack V also keeps me inspired. I swear he sends me a new song every day and I’m just like “damn I need to get back to doing a song or two a day.”

The people I talk to always encourage me to keep pushing the envelope. Overall, if hear a sound or drum pocket in my head, I go to work. If I’m inspired by a color or color palette, I go to work. At my desk. Laying keys. Flipping samples.

How do you plan to continue building a name in Florida? What makes you so special an artist? What are your plans for the rest of 2017?

I’m gonna keep doing what I’ve been doing which is putting out the best content possible from me. Whether it’s albums, merch, videos, graphic design. Honestly that’s what makes me special as an artist. I’m versatile and a jack of all trades. Any given track – I could produce, record, and engineer the whole thing. I can do my own covers, design my own merchandise, edit my own videos. I’ve also learned how to produce many styles of beats over the years, so that extends my reach in terms of what artists I can work with as well. It diversifies the kind of music I can release as an artist.

I plan on continuing to build my brand as a producer, really in terms of the business side of things. Selling drum kits, working on placements, doing YouTube videos, etc. I’m ALSO working on my next project already and i’m gonna be rapping on about 90% of it, plus an additional EP a friend and I are working on will for sure occupy some of my time as well.

I also really wanna do shows, as I haven’t deejay’d one in almost a year and a half. I did my first rap performance in San Antonio earlier this year and it was amazing, so I really wanna do it again soon. It’s a bit hard though in terms of doing it here in my city. Everyone rocks with me, but nobody ever asks me to come out. I could be reading it wrong, I dunno. (haha)

In the next 3 years or so, I see myself with at least 2 or 3 more full-length projects out.  I also am looking at a few big placements. All in all, I just really want to be making a full living off of music. I want to take care of myself and anyone around me who needs something. I’ll end up living out in Atlanta, having the issue of being annoyed by TSA once a month because I’m always going to LA for some reason.



Nice for UNDERVIEWS to have you today Countach. To wrap up, do you have any advice for other upcoming producers out of Florida trying to make a way for themselves?

Make the music you wanna make. Please don’t follow trends.

Make actual connections with people instead of seeing everything as a “what can they do for me?” situation. I feel the Florida music scene is pretty close, especially down in South Florida. Once you find your pocket and where you should be you’ll flourish.


Genre – Pop, Hip-/Rap, Electronic

3 Favorite Artists (all time) – Kanye West, Hayley Williams & Childish Gambino

3 Favorite Artists (current) – Future, Com Truise & Brockhampton

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