Flowercop: Florida’s Original Visual Artist Behind some of Your Favorite Masterpieces

Visual artists, videographers, and film editors can be the defining factor between a creative’s success or stagnation in today’s content-driven, digital consumption climate.

The one willing to invest in having proper execution of their vision is a creative who will remain ahead of the curve.

Video-experts like Evan “Flowercop” Ressler who have the resume, the natural talent, and the vision to carve out their own path in this industry deserve all the recognition they can get. Other notable videographers like Cole Bennet or Lonewolf may be known for more ostentatious editing techniques, but a couple of your favorite Florida artists have tapped Flowercop throughout the years to create a memorable approach of their sound and bring their music to life.

Going as far back as 2014, collaborations with mars3times and FXRBES produced early career visuals for respected creatives such as Twelve’Len, N3LL, Yung Simmie, and many others. Flowercop‘s recent work demonstrates maturation, professional agency experience, and a shift towards a minimalistic film aesthetic. Two notable recent videos done by him are Hitman Fuego’s “Around The Way” and Twelve’Len’s “Thank The Gang.”

Focusing on Around The Way, Flowercop brings the song to life by placing an emphasis on the area described throughout the song. His skill set is on full display capturing drone footage of the Miramar, Pembroke Pines area and including performance shots that compliment the overall viewing experience. Hitman Fuego and Flowercop built a working relationship through the production of video content for Militia West Clothing collections. As a matter of personal opinion, a great music video should refrain from misinterpreting messaging and the vibe of the song itself. Flowercop has mastered this.

You can find all Flowercop’s work on his personal YouTube channel and can get to know him on Twitter & Instagram.

Philippe Desrameaux

Philippe Desrameaux is a Haitian-American millennial hip-hop culture participant who remains a fan-first. Also an event promoter, artist manager, podcaster, and social media manager. Based in Broward County, Philippe is dedicated to curating blog content with a perspective that is missing in modern urban music industry coverage.

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