Getter and GHOSTMANE collaborate on a short 7 minute EP filled with punch, darkness, and ambient layers on “Dahlia I”

Almost two years after the Getter and $uicideboy$ EP Radical $uicide, Getter is back with Underground legend, Ghostemane, on a three track EP, Dahlia I. At three tracks and only under seven minutes, Dahlia I still packs a punch missing in many EP’s today.

In “HACK:SLASH“, Getter and Ghostemane open with a haunting and industrial instrumental that quickly find’s Ghostemane attacking the track with his addicting cadence’s and flows that have made him a staple in the underground/hardcore scene, a strong and evocative opening.

Transition into “GRAIN“, the instrumental presents a wandering melody with tight 808 drums behind it and a distinct, clicky kick drum. Again, Ghostemane enter’s the track with his poignant flow, delivering such somber lines as, “I was broke and sad now I’m rich and sad”, a testament to the hardcore sound and attitude.

The finisher, “BEWARE: THE SIRENS” finds a very low-weight instrumental with a silky bell and accenting pads hidden behind the tight drums. Ghostemane states “I use to trust a bitch, now I don’t trust no bitch, I use to fuck with cliques, now I don’t fuck with no clique, I use to fuck with hoes, now they don’t get no dick, I’m all alone again”, a testament to the change in lifestyle of a popular artist especially in the paradoxical world of a popular underground musician.

Dahlia I is a quick, to the point EP that has no filler and is scattered with memorable Ghostemane declarations of loneliness and darkness, yet it is complete and is everything you would expect in a Getter x Ghostemane project and is a memorable return to the chemistry of hardcore/underground artists on Getter production.


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