Have You Heard Noname’s ‘Telefone’ Project Yet? The Chitown Native and Ally of Chance The Rapper Brings Smooth and Feel-Good Bars To Life On Her First Mixtape

Formerly known as Noname Gypsy, the 25 year old Chicago native who dropped the latter part of her moniker citing it as a term racially offesnive to Romani people, had made a big impact in the rap game even before she dropped her newest mixtape. Adding one of the most memorable features of 2013 to Chance the Rapper’s well acclaimed Acid Rap as well as a solid contribution to Mick Jenkin’s The Water[s], her mellow voice and easy transitions between bars make her a valuable addition to any song.

Born Fatimah Warner, Noname actually was a poet before she was a rapper. Listening to blues artists such as Buddy Guy and Howlin’ Wolf from an early age, she was a participated in Chicago’s YOUMedia Project as well as various open mic and slam poetry contests in the area since 2010. Eventually she transitioned into freestyling with her friends, one of which happened to be a young Chance the Rapper, and managed to get a feature on his sophomore project which introduced her formerly to rap fans everywhere.

On her new tape, Noname addresses the heartbreaks and struggles that she’s previously mentioned on her features all while keeping the general tone of her raps hopeful and uplifting. Whether it’s her soothing voice or the dreamy old memory inducing beats that she raps over, Telefone is sure to bring a sense of tranquility and nostalgia to anyone that listens.

You can give the album a listen too below. You can also keep up with the young rapper through her twitter account also listed below.

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