It’s Here: The BRANDO (@BurnWithBrando) Interview

Known for his diversity and hardcore ‘horrorcore’ music, BRANDO should have your attention now. Joined by fellow art-wizard JHWallArt, multi-genre artist BRANDO–an interesting character from the heart of South Florida–recently came into our makeshift studio to sit down and chat about his recent project “BADLUCK,” his inspirations, and more. If you want to get to know BRANDO a little bit better, this exclusive interview will help.

BRANDO talks about the trials and tribulations of life that made him into the diverse musician that he is today. After meeting Miami-star Fukkit at a young age and becoming good friends, he was introduced to a new world of music with infinite possibilities. Listening to artists like Slipknot and System Of A Down, and seeing the undeniable success of locals such as TeamSESH, Ethelwulf, Pouya, and more across the country inspired him to see the truth many of us fail to see: anything is possible if you truly want it and work for it.

It wasn’t until a few months ago that BRANDO decided to take this music stuff to a new level–fully branding himself and providing a set aesthetic for his fan base. Prior to that, he had only used music as a tool for entertainment, creating verses and features here and there for his friends for fun where he wasn’t really interested in promoting himself as an artist. 

Watch the interview above to learn more about soon-to-pop artist BRANDO.

BRANDO is here and is here to stay. Quality is of utmost importance; and he’s not chasing clout. Hop on the wave before it’s too late!

You can link up with BRANDO on Twitter, Instagram, and bump his creations on SoundCloud.

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