Kidd Adamz is one of the hottest rappers coming out of Miami, FL, and he just dropped a music video to his hottest single “30Thirty”

We first stumbled upon Kidd Adamz at the @RentsDueFLA show back in early December where he was a featured artist on the Art Basel showcase they were holding. Extremely impressed by the energy he was able to generate in the crowd, the vocals of his tracks, and the way Kidd and his partner danced along to the tracks–it was impressive. He didn’t seem to be trying to bite the new-wave…the drug diluted, lean infested, “ignorant” style of rap pioneered by artists like Smokepurpp, Lil Pump, and more. He sounded original, so I shot a video of his performance and provided him with some coverage on our social media. You can watch that video below:

All in all, he killed it.

After the press coverage arose, I noticed lots of locals commenting and asking me about him in person. I was surprised at the attention he caught from our platforms, but I couldn’t do much more than share links to hit-singles “30Thirty,” “On Point,” and let them know my experience during his set at the past Rents Due show.

About a month later, we at UNDERVIEWS announced out 3rd ever show in Naples, FL. At this point, Adamz had personally reached out to me (@youngseebi) letting me know he’d be down to do a set over here. As usual, it was my chance to bridge the gap between my city and Miami in the underground music culture, so without a second guess we brought him out. You can check out this video recap of the show from Colossus, or check out this footage of Kidd’s performance that @jammz23 caught for us:

Fast forward to January of 2018, upcoming Miami rapper is dropping the music video to our favorite single “30Thirty.” Shot and directed by Miami videographer & colorist Finesse Davinci Visuals, we already knew it’d be a banging’ visual to accompany a GREAT song. With many more visuals and music planned to be released later this year, we think Kidd will leave fans begging for more new content with this new drop.

Want to learn more about Kidd Adamz? Follow him on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, & SoundCloud. Wether or not he’ll be the next big thing we’ll just have to wait and see, but we believe with enough hard work Kidd will get his spotlight, familiarize yourself with him before it’s too late.

Sebastian Alsina

Founder of UNDERVIEWS. Web Developer. Graphic Designer. Branding.

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