Lil Flash: Glogang’s Most Recent Signee and a Glimpse Into The Future of The Now Stagnant Label

Unlike a lot of Glogang’s current roster, Lil Flash has no direct relation to the label’s standout artist and leader, Chief Keef. Since signing he has suffered a rather not very media-friendly entrance into the rap game since his signing. In fact the only real media coverage he’s gotten seems to exclusively relate to an incident when members of an affiliated group called “KuGlo” set him up and jumped him which happened to have been caught on camera.

What I have been able to discover through subtle lines in his own lyrics and old Facebook posts is that he’s been rapping for a while now. Originally going by Zills he rapped under a group called “Currency Committee” before his GloGang career.  He hasn’t openly discussed the exact circumstances which lead him being signed to the GloGang label, he gives a lot of credit to Capo, another GloGang member and it’s likely that he was Lil Flash’s doorway into the group.

Since joining however, Lil Flash has proved that he can carry his own weight within the label and has proven to have been an excellent asset. After dropping a series of mixtapes and albums in the past two years, he’s managed to find features on several projects by Gucci Mane and even a very well received feature on Swedish Rapper Yung Lean’s latest album Warlord.

Considering that most of Glogang’s roster besides Sosa himself have not been seen featured on any major projects or tracks recently, it’s a safe bet to say that Lil Flash is definitely a healthy addition to the group. His own array of solo tapes and albums have been generally well received by those that have listened.

With a unique sound that he uses on both his own tracks as well as others, he turns the age-old tradition of rapping about money, drugs, violence, and girls into a newly packaged experience complete with modernized trap beats. This not only separates him from his predecessors but also makes him more accessible to the newer generation of rap fans.

Despite GloGang’s shortcomings when it comes to advertising their talent and publicizing their projects, Lil Flash has managed to snag the attention of a few active artists in the game and is likely to appear in more projects to come. He actively posts on social media and often advertises new singles and mixtapes he plans to drop on his twitter account which you can find below. Be sure take a listen to some of his various projects which will also be linked below.

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