Listen to Lil Gem’s new project–Valuable EP–feat. @LILTRACY, @BIGBABYSCUMBAG, @SlimmyMane, @BreezyMontclair, + more.

Tampa, Florida “emotional-trap” artist Lil Gem recently released his debut project titled Valuable EP. Gem is a frequent collaborator with $limmy Mane, and was able to catch features with artist such as featuring Lil TracyBreezy Montclair, BBY GOYARD & Tampa’s own BigBabyScumbag for this eye-catching project.

Gem states he’s highly inspired by old-school artist such as T-Pain, Soulja Boy, The Dream, and more, but isn’t a stranger to the newest popping such as XXX, SKI MASK, BLACK KRAY, XAVIER WULF, CHRIS TRAVIS. You can hear reference and sounds similar to these artist throughout his music, as well as his own twist on the style.

We were able to personally reach out for some words from Gem, about his lifestyle and music:

im lil gem, i was born in Ft.Myers, Florida.  moved to Tampa, FL when i was 12 . The Tampa area really influenced me . i met a few guys in my neighborhood that skated and i started kickin it w them. we all started skating and hitting the famous “Skatepark Of Tampa”. being around those kinds of people made me who i am today. never had it sweet. ddnt come from a rich family so i had to Trap to get the nice things i wanted . weather it be sellin trees or xanax or lean , i had to get it off and make money so i wouldnt be considered a “Lame”. all the kids had cool gear. i guess i just wanted to fit in. the skateboarding and drug dealing life brang alot of problems and emotions and struggle. that really inspired me to make music. i usually talk about the Florida life i live in my music. Skating around/Bussin juggs/doin coke/ turnin up/ fucking hoes/ going shopping/ Going to the beach/ hanging with friends/ love/ heartbreaks. all these feelings bottled up being a young teenager, so i wanted to express myself a better way but couldnt really figure out how to. util a few years later i found out how to make songs and i started making music. it was like therapy and i fell in love with it. i started hopping on twitter and ig. started meeting more artist who had a similar vision as me. similar interest. we all just some young niggas tryna get it in anyway we can in this fucked up country. i always loved jewelry growing up. i loved to shine and stand out. and i was always a small nigga. but i always felt very talented and un notoced. thats when i thought of my name. “lil gem” cuz a nigga so small but worth so much. idk. i just feel that my talent has to be found like a Gem . i was always “Okayy” at singing. never was the best but i could hit some notes. tahts when i ran into autotune and fell in love with it. it made me wanna use my voice more and make music people would love to sing along with. i decided to make a project and name it “Valuable EP” because of the artist i featured and the amount of talent packed in that 20 minute tape is crazy. it was only right to be named Valuable EP. i featured some friends i met on the internet and artist who inspired me like an underground great “Lil Tracy”. also Tampa’s very own “Big Baby Scumbag” . my homie who is also a beat producer “Breezy Montclair (Phantom)” . i also collabbed with a great artist i stumbled accross on soundcloud named “Trassh” . we have a song called “OBSERVE”. another great feature was my cousin “$limmy Mane” . he killin shit rn and i swear niggas just gon have to get used to us. i personally feel like if i had more support i could really blow and bring my niggas with me. id love to. i just have so much planned for the world and Florida. i want the world to get to know “lil gem” more. new project dropping in August. i recently have been added to a indie record label called “Sad Night Records” created by my boy @celly24kt. this label includes 4 artist so far. Me, Silent Saint, Celly, & Kay Dankatron.  keep ur eyes and ears out for “lil gem”. u wont regret it. im Doin all this for Florida. the State that made me the way i am.

Link with Gem of Sad Night Records on SoundCloud, Twitter, and Instagram.

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