Listen to @StonedHels & @FlightSquadRG_ new tape – Drag Racing

Check out RG & Hippy Cocaine’s first collaborative project Drag Racing. Atlanta Rapper Hippy Cocaine and Hialeah Rapper RG linked up only two months ago at a show in Miami and hit it off right away. In their own words, “The vibe felt right and we talked, smoked out, and exchanged info. Next thing you know we made one song together and it was so good that it turned into an EP”.

The whole EP is produced by Adam On The Track and you can listen to it above. Read more about RG & HippyCocaine below.

Hippy Cocaine is a 24 year old rapper who was born in Alabama and moved to Atlanta where his music career began to take off. In Alabama he was got kicked out of college and moved to Charleston where he’s currently based to spread his music to different cities from there on. He’s performed at shows ran by frequent collaborators Tony Flex and RG. Link up with Cocaine on TwitterInstagram and be sure to follow his SoundCloud for upcoming releases.

Hippy Cocaine

Rapper RG is a Hialeah, Florida native and is part of the Flight Squad Music Group. He has performed all over Florida which includes being part of a Curren$y tour and opening up for the likes of Father, Denzel Curry, Lazy Bone, and Xxxtentacion. Follow his SoundCloud, and connect with RG on Twitter and Instagram.

Hippy Cocaine & RG

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