Meet Belis: The New Riser of Carolina’s Underground

With J. Cole setting the bar on what heights a Carolina artist can reach and Da Baby’s recent viral run across the country, we take a look into what’s brewing in the underground.

Belis, of Charlotte, North Carolina is a rising female artist of the underground group Neilaworld — comprised of standout artists like Tommy Ice, Pollari, Kevin Kazi, and many more — made big waves with her snippet of Hysterical Glamour on her twitter. Produced by iankon, he literally chimes her in with a bounce filled beat behind a starry laced melody that compliments her fast flow and angelic voice. She catches ears instantly as she rides the beat with ease. “Meet me at your closest bank bitch I’m not your fuckin friend”  is just one of the simple, but hard lines on the song that personifies her approach to this industry.

Receiving over 100k plays on Hysterical Glamour, Belis followed up with another hit produced by Charlie Shuffler and Neilaworld member John titled Lemonade. In a shorter run, she almost matches her plays on this track with over 100k as she returns with her flawless high pitch flow over a bounce filled beat showcasing that her formula is a working one.

In her first ever on camera interview with Bobby Dee on YouTube channel Kult Classics, she talks of her start in music and how she got her stage name. which is simply just her first and middle name together; (B)ryce (Elis)abeth. She states that she’s only been doing music for around 3 years:

“Half of it was just me having fun with it, just learning how I should do it…. it took awhile for me to understand that I can do this shit but when I did it was very clear, very easy”.

When speaking of her older tracks that have been deleted off her SoundCloud:

It wasnt the direction I wanted to go in really it was more of what was easiest.” 

In regards to her future and dream collaborations Belis hopes to work with Lil Uzi, Kanye, along with artists who recently inspired her sound such as Killy and FijiMacintosh. On the producer end, Belis mentions Ginseng and Pierre Bourne are the first ones that come to mind.

What Belis has put out in the mean time is a feature appearance on Austin Skinner’s, Woody Taylor & Nick Mira produced track, titled anything. The duo return on an eery guitar instrumental with hard hitting 808’s that put listeners in a trance as the two dive deep in their bags.

The video for Hysterical Glamour is on the way based of Belis’ twitter, which seems to be taken down now:  

 As we’re patiently waiting for the video and next infectious single to drop we’ll just keep running back Hysterical Glamour and Lemonade till they’re at a million+ plays.

Check Belis out on Twitter, Instagram, and SoundCloud and watch her official video to SUNSET here below: 


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