Meet @BLAZZYNW, 22 year-old graphic producer killing the game

Los Angeles native @BLAZZYNW is fucking dope. His art direction is impeccable, his brand is solid, and his work never disappoints. Blazzy and his team run a production house, NEWWESTERNLA, creating high-quality graphics and video content for artists and musicians alike. Having created visuals for many successful entities such as @smokepurrp, @richthekid, @YUNGBANS, and even having his work featured at a Migos show in Dallas, NEWWESTERNLA’s Blazzy is definitely someone you can trust to hook you up with some gems.

NEWWESTERNLA just opened up their new website–NEWWESTERNLA.COM, developed by Sebastian Alsina–to host their productions…check it out from time to time to see all of the incredible work coming from them. Just being released, the content on the site is still limited.

Connect with Blazzy on Twitter or Instagram, or send him an email at [email protected].

From the artist himself:

I’ve been doing graphics for a few years, videos just about a year now. I’ve always committed myself to apply my creativity onto different mediums. Thats what i really like to do. I like creating shit worth recognizing and criticizing. Nothing gets me high like seeing an artist get excited and inspired just from a cover or video. I want to offer a new perspective. I try to take things up a notch with every project that gets presented to me. Overall i fucking love the process, and i wouldn’t want to spend my time any other way.

Sebastian Alsina

Founder of UNDERVIEWS. Web Developer. Graphic Designer. Branding.

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