Meet Lysergic–Upcoming Leader in Hyper-Future Trip-Hop & Electro-Sonic Synth-Wave

Lysergic is one of the few artists standing today that have a truly unique, robust sound.

South Florida native–currently residing in Los Angeles–is a member of Backhouse. Lysergic is an experimental artist, always delving into new sounds and flows. His music varies from experimental/alternative rap to dark distorted R&B, hyper-future trip-hop, electronic synth-wave, chill-wave trap, meme pop…or it’s just simply indescribable.

Under his belt, he’s got the amazing Otherland tape (available on SoundCloud as a two full-length productions)–which is truly one of my favorite productions of 2016. Featuring new sounds, a new style, this diverse project captured my ears in a way I’d never heard before. You should definitely check it out, and watch his music video to The OtherSyde. If there was one tape I could force you to hear, it’d be this one.

Lysergic continue to expand his horizons and switch it up on every time he drops music. He recently dropped Password Please [Prod. Mitch Geist], which is a completely different direction than heard on Otherland.

Lysergic is currently working on my 2nd full-length project–OFFLINE–set to drop anytime in 2017. Directly from the artist, he aims to:
…my music to create endless alternate realities to whatever my listeners desire.
To sum it up, he’s dope. Lysergic is an all around creative that doesn’t drop anything but top quality. Sound and visuals are dope. He’s dope. Keep up with Lysergic on SoundCloud, Twitter, and Instagram.

Get put on.

Sebastian Alsina

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