Meet N8Z, Grimwave/Bubblegum RnB Artist with an Extremely Captivating Sound


Over at UNDERVIEWSwe hear a lot of artists. We see and hear the hard work that many artists put in to achieve their dreams. We also hear the effects they use on their voices when making music, and to be honest, some utilize it the right way and some so do not. N8Z (Nate Z) out of Huntington Beach, California is an upcoming artist with a voice and sound that is sure to hypnotize listeners.

N8Z began to describe his home town as a small suburban beach town with not much to do except drugs, hang out with friends, surfing or the surf babes. It is a dead end town but with various types of creative directions coming out of it such as punk rock artists, rappers and Burgerama bands. He says the internet helps with exposure and there tends to be a lot of people who sneak diss when they see you prospering, but N8Z keeps his circle small. His close and personal group of friends include his brother and producer Azrael, his manager Propane Lord, and his videographer 70pr00f.

If you’ve heard the links above the you know for certain N8Z has an one of a kind sound. N8Z talked with about how is music started off as Boom Bap music as he produced for many local artists. As he started to use his voice and gained a love for singing, he evolved into a darker, slower and more purgatory-esque sound with the help of his brother Azrael’s production. He then stated “It was that and just messing around for a while but then recently I have been using my actual vocal strength with auto tune to produce a sort of euphoric/ bubblegum RnB hybrid”. He credits his influences to a wide range of artists such as Miles Davis, Quincey Jones, and Thelonius Monk. While his family often played Mariah Carey, Sade, Destiny’s Child and A Tribe Called Quest around N8Z when he was younger.

N8Z is a powerhouse as he also produces. He’s done production for big names like THOUXANBANFAUNI, Warhol.SS, Swaghollywood and much others. He states between having a mixtape coming out very soon as well as getting placements with upcoming artists, he’s almost always working. Aside from the upcoming mixtape, N8Z plans on dropping more singles and working with more producers such as and as well as continuing to work with Azrael as his main beat source, and also lining up many shows; possibly a small tour later on in the year.

N8Z is a very humble guy that is always trying to find a way to stand out from the generic “cookie cutter” artist. Believing that clout is just a bunch of artists getting recognition for whoever is the best copycat, he strives to make everything he creates original and off the wall. As focus is obviously something N8Z doesn’t lack, we expect him to go on to take over his city and continue to thrive in his own lane!

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Artist from Fayettville NC.

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