Meet @remembermyles – Broward County’s Next Premiere Bar Spitter


Meet Myles, age 19. 
The Hip-Hop artist, originally from in Cleveland, has been holding it down in Broward County, FL since 2007.

Myles’ style can be described as versatility defined, at least by judging his current body of work. He can easily go from turning up the BASS in tracks like “Countin” or “Bounce” (with Passelaudio label mate Nolimitsouljaa) to carrying a sweet cadence on tracks like his latest “Everything is Temporary.”  

This is not only your rapper’s type of rapper, this is your artist’s type of artist. Listening to his tracks to see this unfold is one thing; hearing it from the man himself is another. Myles did us the pleasure of answering a few questions and allowing us to enter his creative mindset.

So Myles, what first inspired you to create? 
When and where did your story as a serious artist begin?

I was inspired to create from a few friends; they knew I had potential to do music and I just doubted myself. 
I started taking it serious after I graduated high school. 
I had to make sure academically I was on track before I took music serious. 
I've always loved music & listen to all types of artist/genres. 
So I knew I had to do something with my time.
The old saying in South Florida goes "Everybody wanna be a _____ now!" 
With that in mind, what makes you so special as a creative?
If everyone wants to be a rapper, singer, producer, photographer then let them. Everyone is in control of their own life & career. 
Support them or let them do their thing. It never offended me. I just kept in mind that i would be better than the rest. I'll be the artist to stand out.
What separates you from the competition in your craft?

I'm in my own lane creating sounds for people to enjoy. 
I make music that will either get people hype or make people emotional. 
My main focus is to make my music remembered.

How do you deal with outside pressures from outsiders such as critics, peers and haters?

I move at my own pace & I release what I know sounds good. 
I'm a very picky person & things have to go my way.

You did a joint called "Kylie Jenner" with Nora Hill about a year back. 
At the time this seemed to be your first premiere single. 
Talk about what growth you've experienced since then. 
How much do you feel you have evolved as an artist?

I know a little more when it comes to flowing with the beat. 
I am promoting myself better, finding my sound & talking to the right people. 
I still have more areas I need to improve, but it takes time, effort, & practice.

Listening to your latest single "Everything Is Temporary" we couldn't help but feel the soulful vibes. 
Walk us through that single. What inspired it? 
Will there be other songs like this, perhaps a project?

Everything Is Temporary was inspired by a relationship in my past that really tore me apart. 
One of my favorite artist is Musiq Soulchild. 
Most of his music was very calming and soulful to hear. 
I've always wanted to branch off and make soulful jazz music. 
It's what i grew up listening to.

How do you usually get in the mood to create? What is your creative process like?

I go for a long walk in the morning or night to clear my head. 
Just being in my room with headphones in just isn't enough.

What are your plans for 2017? 
Any features, shows or possible projects you plan to share with the world that you'd like to mention?

2017 is going to be dangerous. 
Many shows, features, and content coming soon. 
Just be ready for Everything Is Temporary. 
That's all i'm going to say..

Where do you see your career in 4 years?
My career in the next four years will be 100 times greater than what it is now. 
I don't want people to listen to my music a couple times and stop playing it. 
I want every song I put out to make people go crazy every time it comes on. 
My name is REMEMBERmyles for a reason. 
I want my music to live on and be remembered.

Who do you see with you? 
Are there any particular people who support with your growth that you'd like to mention?

My team, my girlfriend, & my family.

Nice having you Myles. 

To wrap up, do you have any advice for other upcoming local artists out there trying to make a way for themselves?
Don't let people bring you down with YOUR craft. 
As long as YOU know you're on the right path, that's all that matters. 
Just market, market, MARKET & humble yourself. 
The internet is free promotion so take advantage!

3 Favorite Artists (all time) - Tyler, The Creator, Musiq Soulchild, Kanye West. 
3 Favorite Artists (current) - Travis $cott, Larry League, Nora Hill


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