Michael Seuss’s Unrestrained Ambition Sets the Course for a New Florida Star

Originally from New York, currently based in Holiday, Florida, Michael Klein, known as Michael Seuss, has a long history with music and writing, well before most of our readers were even born.

As his name implies, his inspiration began reading Dr. Seuss books at a very young age. Heavily fascinated by the clever rhyme schemes of the kids-book legend, Seuss tells us that as early as the age of 3, in a state of awe, he would highlight his favorite lines within books like ‘Are You My Mother?’ and ‘Green Eggs and Ham.’ Involved in the marching band throughout middle school and high school, Seuss was raised in a path destined for a musical inspiration.

29 years old now, Michael is taking his music seriously and has a point to prove.


A screenshot from the ‘Ashes’ music video by Michael Seuss.

A common topic in today’s music, Seuss himself is another victim of mental health issues. Following the release of ‘Ashes,’ the submission that tweaked our interest, Seuss found himself in a difficult and uncertain position after being hospitalized, losing his business, friends, colleagues, due to the struggles faced in his personal mental issues.

Despite this turmoil, Seuss’s ambition to succeed is heavily present. As all flowers must grow through dirt, his lows are what brought him to his highs. In the processes of getting married and raising his daughter, Seuss is determined to make music a predominant and sustainable part of his life and has spent a good amount of time reaching out to blogs, booking shows in Florida, making connections, finding managers, and more in an effort to have his voice heard. He will not let mental issues define his character.

Our introduction to Seuss comes from a memorable submission made here on our website. Releases in 2017, the music video to ‘Ashes’ is by far one of the most well-produced videos we’ve ever seen from an independent artist. The song is a lyrical, bar-dropping reflection of his inner demons.

Surrounded by his self-proclaimed ‘rap historian’ cousin at an early age, his introduction to rap didn’t feature the dark-side of rap… a way of his cousin to protect Seuss from the evils of music in a brotherly, careful fashion. He eventually breached out stumbled across a batch of some of the 90s and early 2000s most influential acts, such as Nas, Ghostface Killah, Pharaoh Mach, Big L, Biggie, Red Man, which he notes as his biggest inspirations and ‘the greats.’

Michael is currently working on an album titled ‘8 Wings’ with a release date aimed for sometime next year. He is a member of the Rap Collective Dior Sentai. His devotion to quality will be a defining factor in his career as an upcoming Florida musician. You can expect 2 singles coming out in the next coming months.

“As confidently as I can say without being arrogant. I consider my content to high quality. My bars are aimed to be lyrical, that paint vivid imagery. In the very near future my next visuals I’m aiming to drop will match well with the songs they’re paired with.”

It’s not arrogance, Michael, it’s fact. We’re excited to see what the future has in store for you.

You can stay up to date with Michale Seuss and his developments on his Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud, and YouTube.

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