Intro to Players Couch | Sit for a Moment

Whuddup pimps and playas?

Ladies is pimps too (this is as far as my feminism psa’s go)

This is alchemi aka full metal aka lilbigghost aka kngsmul aka the musical bicep aka that dirty muhhfugga aka the oldest young blood out here aka the bridge gapper aka el liberador aka Jesus last remaining disciple aka Posidens Trident aka Atlas most ambitious apprentice and i made it here to talk my shit to young and old folk alike.

Yeeeeaah ya boy went corporate that’s right big company and all i’m out here writing golden plated flames for Modestaviews and shit but don’t look at me crazy ya boy just tryna get that paper I’m still that dirty muhffugga reppin for the low life.

First things first i’m not neil and there will be nearly 0 percent research or reporting from me but there will be plenty made up words and grammar errors because we don’t live in the 15th century and I doubt anyone gives a shit? (no knock Niel you ying i’m yang 😉 ) secondly I dont write articles I write poems and “streams of conciousness” word to ye (i’m not writing poems on here you can wipe the foam from your mouth christ almighty people compose yourself). Thirdly Jay-Z the best rapper alive<factually>, Lil Uzi needs to find a new job, Joe Budden a bitch, Meek Mill aint caught a single real life L, Lauryn Hill needs to drop a new album, and I’ve probably heard Kayne’s voice more often in my life than my own fathers words.

Jay-Z rap hip-hop hip hop black white men males

Welcome to the 21st century baby. I’m opinionated when it comes to this but i’m passionate I can boldly say music, and hip hop specifically, saved my life probably on multiple occasions.

That’s it for now I don’t wanna give myself up all at once but welcome to the players ball have a seat on the couch sit back and relax get your grinders and papers pour up a drink grab your glass and sip on lil truth cause we talkin crazy out here and we all know there’s truth to that.

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