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Whuddup Pimps and Playas?

This Alchemi aka the profusious viber aka bubblebathsandjazz aka sundaypicknick aka ridinbikesinthewind aka bottle sipper aka straight liquor aka nomixedshit aka old soul emitter and I’m so mother fucking blessed this week the musical gods have blessed my soul with this muthaaafuccin shit yo i’m feelin all types of ways but most of all alive baby we livvin and this shit what life motherfucking sound like.

Yes Lawd! – NxWorries

My fucking god y’all pull the lotion out, tell your girl to shower and sit down for a foot massage, pour up the wine light yo motherfuckin doobie, bake some creme brulee, pull out the strawberries, get the cool whip, light some candles, put your gold chains, robes and slips on THE MOTHERFUCKING SMOOTH SOUL CATS ARE BACK AND THEY COULDN’T BE WAVY-ER IF THEY HAD A MARVIN GAYE FEATURE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yo I been praying for these vibes to drop for painful whole year since back when they first previewed they’re debut collaboration Suede off the Link Up and Suede EP last December.

Link Up & Suede EP

West coast abiders, Knxwledge the beat smith and young demigod in the vein of being birthed from the cracked skull of the late great deceased musical Titan J Dilla himself (whose MPC was inducted as an exhibit to the Smithsonian Museum of African American Culture 2 years ago RIP). Following in his footsteps, he gives celestial birth to souled out chopped up samples to a level of mind gushing, oozing druglike prowess. I been bumping Hud Dreems for a minute, which you can listen to fully off bandcamp https://knxwledge.bandcamp.com/album/hud-dreems.If you got a slow morning and you cleaning your room or doing the laundry or got the video games going on a chill night this is perfect background music so play that shit one time. But if you want the real good shit check out his soundcloud, gon head and get lost in that bit for a day.

Hud Dreems – Knxwledge

Paak on the other hnd at 30 years old with a wife & 5 year old son is the only talent in a talentless riddled industry with some of the grooviest, playalistic, panty wetting, soul soothing lyrics. This rappa turnt sanga a shining star of talent beaming next to a lackluster array of clowns and con artists on the most recent XXL cover, and most of the big guys see the shit for what it is. I think to the point that they paired up my boy Denzel Curry with the rest of the trash, even though he’s a tall dark endless neon colored waterfall of bars (PS. Kodak cool FL stand up. PS. Dave East & Lil Dicky got bars). But those boys got more than plenty time to turn they life around, use their success to turn into business men, or actually learn some musicality 🙂

Paak a real champion to me. After being homeless just 5 years ago to putting out a groovy Californian debut EP Venice to making it to a legendary producers damn near posthumous album as technically a project collaborator on Dr. Dre’s Compton (which I admittedly barley listened to but probably will now that I got this paak fever) and going on to new albums by Game, Madlib, Goldlink, BJ The Chicago Kid, Macklemore, Keith Ape, Domo Genesis, Kaytranada, Schoolboy Q, and most recently Mac Miller. Not to mention his own solo album Malibu that I could probably hold above all of those….. which Paak kindly put to stream free in its entirety on soundcloud.

Venice – Anderson Paak

Malibu – Anderson Paak

So take you a nice long shower, get a work out in, get your beach towels, light your incense, get in the droptop & hit the highway whatever you gotta do to get in the mood and stream this shit, buy this shit, play this shit one time in the name of love, lust, and hot ass samples.


  1. Intro
  2. Livvin
  3. Wngs
  4. Best One
  5. What More Can I Say
  6. Kutless
  7. Lyk Dis*
  8. Can’t Stop
  9. Get Bigger/Do U Luv*
  10. Khadijah
  11. H.A.N.
  12. Scared Money
  13. Suede*
  14. Starlite
  15. Sidepiece
  16. Jodi
  17. Link Up
  18. Another Time
  19. Fkku








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