[Playlist] Woke Wednesday Vol. 1: The Black History Month Edition

This playlist features music by American musicians concerning the celebration of black resilience, black tolerance, black excellence, black pride, black unity, and a return to roots in the face of oppression.

Be clear African history doesn’t not begin with slave ships, African American history does.

I made this playlist out of love for my brothers & sisters, and love for the plethora of hip hop artists that have influenced modern day American culture through struggle & prosperity, what I consider true Americanism to be about.

In my opinion, the struggle is long from over physically, emotionally, spiritually, & mentally, but I think it’s okay to celebrate the progress we’ve made this far in the name of the progression we strive for.

PS. Here’s a little black history for ya ass, the term “woke” was first used by an artist on a song included in this playlist. ?

Sebastian Alsina

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