Producer Anthology: Daniel East

Daniel East—a Brooklyn native—moved to Naples at age 10 with his family and is currently looking to form a career as a full fledged artist.

Currently known locally and nationally as a producer, Daniel is looking to expand to songwriting and becoming a vocal artist as well. Daniel tells us at UNDERVIEWS that his musical influences range from latino music that his parents would play, to his father, a saxophonist, who introduced him to classic jazz artists such as John Coltrane and Sammy Davis.

Daniel is best known for his placement on Young Thug and Future’s “All Da Smoke,” where you can hear Daniel’s magical melody behind the infectious vocals of Atlanta’s biggest household names. In order to land a placement with these million-dollar artists, he reached out to Richy South, sent beat packs and sounds, stayed consistent until he received that 1:30 AM text confirming the placement.

A magical moment for any artists like himself.

As for his own influences and interest in music, Daniel enjoys 90’s-era rap greats such as Nas and Biggie, as well as contemporary artists that focus on music with substance such J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and melodic artists like PartyNextDoor, Frank Ocean, Drake, Daniel Ceaser, and Sean Leon.

Daniel is heavily invested in local music, which he states is a great influence to his current sound. Daniel Delacour, Terry Presume, and Slyte—to name few—are names that stick out to him… who he has since had the honor to work with.

He’s looking forward to collaborate with driven artists in Naples to spread his music locally, achieve at least one placement with all of the Backhouse members, as well popping acts like J.cole, Drake, and producers and engineers he’d like to mix his sound with such as Metro Boomin, Frank Dukes, Boi1da, and 40.

Daniel’s debut project “Don’t Fall Too Far” is set for release July 1st.

Check out this custom-curated playlist of our favorite tunes from Daniel below:

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