“TOP 5, TOP 5, TOP 5, TOP 5, TOP 5”


my top 5 consists of what i had in rotation the most this year / what impressed me the most sonically. I ain’t even have to look back or check my library this what i know for a fact I played enough times for my neighbors to know the lyrics to these masterpieces. No streaming records broken. no gimmicky ass beefs. no fake social media relationships. Just some music lovers that worked on their sonics.

1 James Blake The Colour In Anything 


divine melodies. eclectic damn near polar instrumental choices. heart wrenching crooning. layers and layers of soul being peeled back. there’s really not much I can say about this I haven’t already, its just one of those things u have to experience. I’ve ranted about this album enough times on and offline


and all I can say is whenever I play I feel like i’m living a movie and at some moments i want to dance others i want to cry  & thats how I want to feel when I turn on my music, worlds apart.

2 Anderson .Paak – Malibu


I really had to give this shit numero 2 in very close competition w/ suns tirade. Altought I felt the emotions were much more raw on suns tirade, its only cause Paak 2 damn smooth witit. This is what I kept in rotation for any which situation. start my day. end my day. get ready to go out to. get ready to bust my ass too.  I’m so fucking surprised by how many people haven’t listened to this shit. We aint got no groundbreaking sonics or prophecies being spoken juss some cold ass boom-bap/jazz/soul/groove with plenty of wavy ass basslines, panty steaming serenades, & soul enhancing drum patterns.

3 Isaiah RashadSun’s Tirade


Coming off an alcohol addiction finds love within his brutal honesty and self reflection and decides to make this best of it. Probably the least mastered album TDE has dropped this year, and reminds me how RZA made 2 platinum albums from the basement, and 3 gold albums from million dollar studios & musical theory lessons.. sometimes the grimey shit juss sound better. So, so, so, so, so many quotables. Which ain’t always a great thing, but in this case fucc yes. hella atmosphere I play this shit for any smoke sesh, this is Isaiah’s second go on the TDE roster and i’ve said this for the past few days at a spur of realization… but this might be my favorite TDE project to date. yup above section 80. yup control system. yup to pimp a butterfly. so yea u playing urself if u dont play this shit.

4 Frank OceanBlonde


a fellow alchemist, Frank rearranges the way the universe moves and creates emoitions u might not have realized were there, shifting atoms and re creating worlds. The very title Blonde goes against everything u’v seen from our brown brothers and sisters this year collectively, even tyler blacked out a few times. almost like a poke at the racism that was so prevalent in 2016, “hey, it’s just colours”. Was his lover blonde? Was it a comment on the beauty in contrast? who knows its fkn frank but I know he gives me enough to speculate and dive in to his universe, in a world of “fucc my ex” frank creates an ode to lost love.

5 NxWorries – Yes Lawd!!


This shit was just way to groovy and feel good to deny. Very different from the bryson tillers & constant 808’s we finally got some super fresh shit from Knxwldege & Paak in the realm of r&b that’s wavy enough to make the even most scene IG models down to the soccer moms get in the mood. Perfect to cool out and smoke to or enjoy the day at the beach to as well which is really why I love this shit.

the common thread in all my favorite albums was very raw emotions. nothing felt forced or imagined, everything felt like it came from a very real place, and thats really what I look for in music and what 80% of music lacks today. Everybody wanna b rock stars but not everybody got that rock and roll old time soul. That’s just my opinion tho what’d yall think?

Here’s a list of quick list links of the albums mentioned above:

Honorable Mentions:

– ☿ө▵

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