“Rapper” Indicted after Embezzling Over $4 Million to Fund (Fake) Career

It appears due to the glamorization of the Instagram influencer and rapper lifestyle, more people than ever are trying to do anything they can to become the next internet sensation.

From fake internet beef to wild over-the-top stunts, it would seem as if we’ve already approached the ceiling for what extremes people are willing to go to be famous… or so we thought.

In comes aspiring Baltimore artist Chad Arrington better known as Chad Focus who was indicted on Tuesday for allegedly embezzling over $4 million from his former employer—where he worked as a search engine analyst—after he was given a company credit card.

Arrington had allegedly been stealing the money from 2015-2018. During that time, he used the card to make expensive purchases for things including a set of music equipment worth, travel expenses, and even a fucking billboard in Times Square to promote his music. The indictment also alleges that Arrington spent the money on fake followers and views on social media from third party companies in order to bolster his image in an attempt to become famous.

The charges don’t end there, as Arrington is also facing charges for allegedly forging signatures of his superiors so he could have his extravagant purchases signed off for while having co-conspirators use computer software to falsify billing statements. After being caught, Arrington faces up to 20 years in prison for conspiracy, wire fraud and aggravated identity theft if convicted.

If charged Arrington’s story will be a good lesson for upcoming artists: The only way to have a successful career is the right way… whether it is easy or not.


Blake McDonald

Originally from Connecticut Blake is a musician and writer currently resides in Fort Myers Florida. Blake also works as a producer engineer and video editor doing freelance jobs across the country working with artists of all sizes from the small DIY musician to the major label artist.

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