Rapper YBNCordae has a DOPE spin on J. Cole’s “1985”

“My Name Is Cordae, But Don’t Forget The YBN”


YBN Cordae is the newest member of the YBN Crew and is a refreshing voice amongst the recent new wave of rappers. He made a bold debut under his new YBN affiliation by rapping over the iconic Eminem song “My Name Is.” In the remix which you can watch the video for below, he name-drops various well known figures in modern pop-culture such as videographer Cole Bennet and Black Chyna, whose current boyfriend YBN AlmightyJay is also featured in the video.

More recently, Cordae shows off his impressive flow, lyricism, and knack for tying together big names and relevant topics on a remix to J. Cole’s “1985.”

Many consider the song as a diss to Lil Pump whose always been vocal about his dislike for J. Cole while J. Cole himself has said that the song was meant for “whoever the shoe fits.”

On his remix, Cordae challenges J. Cole’s message to the newer generation and argues that old heads haven’t been the best role model for them. By referencing men such as R.Kelly and Bill Cosby who are notorious for their sexual abuse allegations, he states that the opinion of the older generation isn’t of that much value to him and others. You can check out the video for the remix and find links to his social media as well below!

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“Imma still wear all my Gucci flip flops/and the fuckin’ diamond chain with the big rocks/and I’ll be the greatest ever n*gga just watch/Cardi B got rich from Love and Hip-Hop.”


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