Recluse Dropped, and It’s the Best Coming from the Underground

The hero we’ve long awaited.

After a long time of being teased and waiting, Vision4k has dropped Recluse, and it’s not just what the underground wanted, but exactly what the underground needed.

Vision’s unique vocals is what makes him stand out from the rest. While maintaining his shady, mysterious image online, 4k’s been able to establish his name in the scene ever past 1-2 years using his charming tactics and flat-out good music. Boasting over 5,000 followers on Twitter, it’s clear his career is just at the breaking point of SoundCloud stardom. A master tweeter with his jokes, memes, and general attitude makes him not only a promising artist but an over-all easy artist to support.

Recluse starts at Gave Up, where 4k sets the tone for the forthcoming album. It’s his attest to pain, his recognition of his faults, his desire to change… and his acknowledgment to giving up. His infectious voice allows you to feel the pain, and relate on a level any human-being can. The steady beat adds a unique array of sounds as it progresses, keeping you on your toes until the beat hits and you realize what 4k’s best at: his ability to follow the beat with his perfectly monotone voice.

Thought the entirety of the tape, 4k stays on-brand and remains expelling his pain from within. The hard hitting beats, tone, and sounds make this to be one of the best drops coming from the underground, period.

We can go on-and-on about 4k, but you’re better off listening on your own, in your room, in a quiet, dark environment, with an open mind to a refreshing lane of music that is only just getting started.

Be sure to give Vision4k a follow on SoundCloud, Twitter, and Instagram, and stream Recluse here.

Sebastian Alsina

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