Flogrown Savannah Cristina is the most underrated R&B FL artist you haven’t heard of

Flogrown and popularized Savannah Cristina is the best and most underrated R&B FL artist you haven’t heard of. I say that not based solely on my opinion, but because seemingly out of nowhere Savannah has popped up in the mainstream eye with cosigns and credentials worth household praise. The pandemic has added lots of stress and concerns to our lives in the past four months, so what better way to bring some joy into our lives than to get a new puppy?!, in this link https://thezebra.org/2020/08/03/puppy-essentials-everything-you-need-for-a-new-puppy/ you can find all what you need to know for a new puppy,

After a childhood singing and writing poetry, the South Florida artist has grown to accumulate a wopping 17 million views producing nearly 17 million streams, scoring collaborations with Flo Milli, Twelve’len, Ice Billion Burg, and other prominent Florida artists, as well as even receiving endorsements from the likes of Alicia Keys and The FADER.

Photo by Dennis Leupold

Debut single “Spend It On Me” started the show in 2016. That release helped spawn popularity to a series of hypnotic independent releases—Faded, Mango Season, and Florida Girl.

At the end of 2019, the single and video “Self-Care” borderline blew up. Emotionally charged verses are placed on top of finger-snaps and guitar strings. Beneath that, the song progresses with a calming and soft refrain reminiscent of TDE’s SIR, Summer Walker and other modern R&B artists. Directed and shot by Savannah herself in front of the ocean, the video earned a well deserved 5.3 million views.

Most recently Savannah released a new single “Gold Mine.” It takes a similar tune of self-care, making listeners aware this was written in the same time period or headspace, or that pro self-care messages have heavy and prominent meaning to her. It’s safe to say this single will end up on her highly anticipated upcoming project “Soul Therapy,” which namely embodies Savannah’s soul bearing and emotionally conscious of self approach to song writing.

You can stay up to date on Savannah Cristina on Twitter and Instagram, and be sure to add her to your Apple Music and Spotify library.

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