Skatermontez Talks, Goals, Inspiration and Whose ‘Up Next’

Often in the world of music the spotlight shines the brightest upon the musician, but with the advent of social media it becomes more apparent that the image that coincides with the artist is just as important as the music itself.

Apart from the way artists portray themselves, how do they get the point across of what they represent? The answer is simple, its oftentimes the work of none other than visual artists who aid in making the artists vision a reality. With the bustling music scene of South Florida there are many names to pick from that are garnering attention for their works but few have had such an in depth first hand look at the scene and how it’s grown as SkaterMontez.

Montez, owner of the TRIPLESEVEN YouTube channel, is responsible for putting a spotlight on artists throughout the South Florida region. Boasting 13 million total views and 70,000 subscribers, the content ranges from ‘a day in the life’ style vlog recordings with upcoming rappers, behind the scenes looks at shows, to hosting music videos with hundreds of thousands of views.

It’s evident Montez has a very promising career on his hands.

That being said, I had the chance to get a moment of Montez’s time for aa quick interview to get a more in-depth understanding of what it’s like to be a pivotal part of the South Florida underground rap scene.

How did you get started in the world of video going back to the beginning and what inspired you?

Montez: I started in 5th grade when my parents bought me my first camera. I would take it to school and shoot skits and vlogs with my friends lol and then upload them on YouTube. My friends would tell me it was funny and that they wanted to see more so I kept doing that.

Growing up did you ever picture yourself doing the kind of content you do now?

Montez: Sort of, I kinda wanted to be a proskater mostly but then since I was always good with shooting videos I kinda just shot and made skate edits and sponsor me tapes for me and my friends growing up.

What was the feedback from your family and the people around you in your city when you began your journey to where you are now on Youtube?

Montez: Everyone started seeing the vision and immediately fucked with everything I was doing and pushing for with the channel.

As someone who has documented the Florida underground for a few years now how do you feel about the current state of the scene?

Montez: I’ve always been a huge supporter of the scene since I was in Highschool. It’s always dope seeing it change every few years but honestly ever since X died it just went downhill.

As many may know you are known for making vlog content on Youtube but as of recently you’ve rebranded, what was the main drive behind that decision?

Montez: Since I love the Florida scene a lot I wanted to give my channel the opportunity to publish and show others the talent Florida has and eventually have my own website and blog posts for it and eventually growing it more.

In the future do you see yourself expanding into other avenues of business beyond clothing and videos?

Montez: Yes! Always have to think ahead cause you never know what might end up happening.

Are there any artists Florida based or otherwise you’re dying to work with?

Montez: At the moment, nobody but from outside here yeah that dude NASCAR Aloe.

If you had the ability to go back in time and give yourself life or business advice what would that be?

Montez: Shiiiii if I could have done LSD in my Highschool years I coulda been ahead of my time at this very moment 😂.

If you were to guess, who do you think the next big name in the Rap Industry will be from Florida?

MontezSnot has potential at the moment.

During your time in the underground what would you say the most crazy or impactful moment you’ve experienced thus far has been?

Montez: Damn I’ve gone threw so much crazy ass shit there’s so many memories but the deepest one I could remember would be the first day x got out and he has a show in this venue that ended up being to little leaving like a hundred people outside causing a hide riot in Wynwood.

With the tragic passing of many artists lately do you feel that promotion of violence and drug culture in hip hop today could be having negative repercussions on audiences listening?

Montez: It’s always been like that but I do feel that the drug use has been rising a lot more.

What would be the best advice you could give an artist or creative trying to make a name for themselves?

Montez: Always observe the people you’re around and be cool with everyone but have your guard up cause the industry is fooo.

Lastly right now, what is next for TRIPLESEVEN, COFFIN CLUB are there anythings you feel people should be on the look out for?

Montez: Definitely bouta have the best artist only on the TRIPLESEVEN channel and everyone should look out for the new drop releasing this summer for Coffin club, it’s in the works.

Follow Montez everywhere, his content is fucking great: YouTube, Twitter, Instagram

Blake McDonald

Originally from Connecticut Blake is a musician and writer currently resides in Fort Myers Florida. Blake also works as a producer engineer and video editor doing freelance jobs across the country working with artists of all sizes from the small DIY musician to the major label artist.

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