“Name your top 10, I’m harder than the most of ’em

Matter of fact, shorten your list, nigga, top 5″

The fondest memories I have towards 2016 will definitely be associated with music. Artists that I’ve loved for years came out with some long-awaited projects and a new generation of rappers emerging from Soundcloud caught my attention.

My top 5 largely consists of albums/mixtapes from 2016 that I listened to the most last year. Not only did I have the largest number of artists I’ve ever kept up with, but I also had the most resources and friends to put me onto new music and artists as well. Throughout 2016 I was constantly having to rotate which albums were readily available to me as I discovered new projects and these five albums/mixtapes below have for the most part stayed in my rotation.

1 The Life Of Pablo


As a Kanye ‘stan’ through and through, there’s no way this album couldn’t have made it as number one on my list. Much like how I believe that “My Beautiful Dark Fantasy” was what cemented Kanye West’s status among the music industry as a whole, I’m under the impression that TLOP is a step further. Ye’ instead returned this year to cement his legendary status among the common people and made easily his most digestible album yet. Chalked full of legendary features from artists both new and old, TLOP is definitely the most played project I’ve enjoyed from 2016.

2 Savage Mode


Savage Mode is a project I never thought I’d enjoy as much as I have this year. I can confidently say that this mixtape is my second most listened to project last year and that it’ll continue to stay in my music rotation for years to come. The most appealing thing about this mixtape is its simplistic nature. No matter the time of day, situation, or mood, this mixtape has always seemed like a worthy consideration of what to listen too. After going weeks listening to Savage Mode several times a day, I’ve concluded that Metro Boomin and 21 Savage combine their skills to give a tape filled with sleek beats and deadpan storytelling to create one of the most iconic mixtapes I’ve ever heard.

3 Malibu


This album was my primary mood lifter in 2016. Anderson Paak was one of the first artists from the 2016 XXL Freshmen class that I became familiar with after hearing his features on Dr.Dre’s “Compton”. Paak has managed to make his way up my list of top male singers. Whether he was singing or rapping, every track on Malibu is soulful, groovy, and uplifting and has been a constant source of positive vibes last year.

4 Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight


As a long time fan of Travis Scott, BITTSM proved to be one of the most solid projects of 2016 and is easily my favorite project from him. The production and features on the album were some of the best I’ve seen last year and I’ve yet to get tired of any of its tracks.

5 “Awaken, My Love”


While it wasn’t what I was expecting at all from Childish Gambino, this album was still greatly appreciated. Ever since I found out that Gambino didn’t pitch his voice at any point during the making of the album, I’ve enjoyed the album twice as much just out of respect for the amount of effort he put into it.

Here’s a quick list along w/ links of the albums mentioned above:

Honorable Mentions:

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