Take a Closer Look into the Mind of SteezDesigns

Graphic Designers have really extended their reach this year in the underground & mainstream music scene. With everyday people who have an exceptional skill in art being able to collaborate with big brands and your favorite musicians. Here at UNDERVIEWS, we respect the grind of these artists and we would like to introduce you to one of our favorites.

SteezDesigns, out of Spokane, Washington, is one of those graphic designers that are out here making moves toward the music industry. Attending Washington State University for graphic design, Steez has work with names like Warhol.SS & UNOTHEACTIVIST after only posting his art publicly for the past year now. Influenced by the underground culture and street art, Steez plans to take over the scene with his upcoming clothing brand as well. We expect to see SteezDesigns make some serious headway next year. You can check out some of his work below!

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You can follow SteezDesigns on Twitter. You can also check out his work on his portfolio, or take a look at his clothing brand!


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