Texas Rapper Tay K Will Likely Spend the Majority of His Adult Life Behind Bars Following Guilty Verdict for Murder

19-year-old ATay K at his sentencing trial.

Taymor Travon McIntyre, also known by his pseudonym Tay K, a famed rapper from Arlington, Texas for his viral track ‘The Race‘ and his co-defendant Latharian Merritt has officially been sentenced to 55 years in prison for taking part in the murder of 21-year-old Ethan Walker.

Although Mclntyre dodged a capital murder charge which carries a minimum 40 year sentence and claimed to had not pulled the trigger that ended Ethan Walker’s life, the court ruled that because Taymor had pleaded guilty to aggravated robbery he ultimately was the main reason for the death of Ethan Walker and the wounding of his roommate Zachary Belote.

Tay K was ordered to pay $10,000.00 in restitution fees and received 30 years for his aggravated robbery charge and 2 sets of 13-year sentencing for two counts of robbery in relation to the home invasion that ultimately conducted to Walker’s death. Both 13-year sentences will run concurrently.

Prior to his sentencing Tay K had claimed that before he had done any of the crimes he had taken a plethora of prescription pills and was hearing voices, but his claims fell on deaf ears as toxicology officials stated that when he was arrested he was clean of substances. In any case, the state of Texas does not allow for lighter sentencing because drug induced behavior.

Tay K originally rose to fame in June-July of 2016 after releasing his breakout track “The Race” which depicted the rapper making his murder getaway charges including scenes of him at age 16 toting pistols with 100 round extended magazines and smoking blunts in front of his wanted poster.

Mclntyre was apprehended whilst on the run in Elizabeth, New Jersey, about 1500 miles away from where he allegedly committed the crimes. His music video “The Race” was also apparently played during his murder sentencing. The defendants who testified against Mclntyre received 20-30 years sentences in comparison to his 55.

Mclntyre court troubles do not end with this: he still awaits trial for another murder charge in which he was allegedly the trigger-man, being on the passenger side of the car when he shot and killed a person at a Chick-fil-a.

Additionally, the rapper is facing multiple lawsuits, including one for allegedly making profits from his song the “The Race” in which the plaintiffs affirm the lyrics are about their son murdered by Tay K. On other lawsuit McIntyre faces court for the alleged assault of a 65 year old man in May of 2017 in Arlington Texas.

The punishment does not end there either as Tay K must also be seen in court for having electronics in his cell which he was caught with after accidentally admitting over a interview with Adam22 that he was still staying active on social media.

All in all things are not looking up for Tay k and it appears his claims to “be out soon” may ultimately never happen. We will be following this.

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