The First Edition of DOCTORHEWITT’s “The Variation” is Coming to Fort Myers — Here’s Why You’ll Want to be There

DOCTORHEWITT will be exploding talent during his first solo-produced event ever. We think you should be there! We invited the Hewitt himself to let our readers know why you need to be there when this goes down on August 10th.

For those who don’t know me, allow me to introduce myself. I go by the name of DOCTORHEWITT, or Hewitt for short. I’m a creative from the 239 that dabbles in production, creates soundtracks, and occasionally puts together shows with other event planners.

In August, I will be hosting my first show solely produced by me. It will showcase various creators from Southwest Florida. My initial goal was to bring together a majority of my favorite local artists—and my friends—with the purpose of giving these creators an opportunity to showcase their undeniable talent and gain new supporters.


Flyer for “The Variation” on August 10th.


I want every person who attends this event to not only have a great experience but to go home with a new song in their playlist, new clothes to show off, and new art to display.

I outlined the experience set forth for the first edition of The Variation. Keep reading.


MXNKEY, a talented producer widely known for producing and DJ hosting countless tracks for HellBoyDucatti will be the DJ for the night. He will be curating the overall vibe of the night with essentials from the prime Soundcloud era such as Seshollowaterboyz, G59, Buffet Boys, Sad Boys, GothBoiClique, Members Only, and others to emphasize the raw feeling we’d aim for the crowd to experience to build anticipation for the acts of the night.


Whether you know him from his insane photography or his new podcast series titled The Happiness Frequency, the man Danny’s Alchemy will be blessing the stage as the night’s host. The energy Danny brings to his work is unmatched and that’s the exact energy needed to bring while introducing the performers onto the stage prior to their sets.


— There is not one event you will go to and not see clothes made by the Kellum duo worn by artists and members of the audience. HumanKellum and BabyKellum are siblings that create a wide range of art. HumanKellum has a clothing brand titled MyFeverDream. The designs from that brand are all over the place. He creates bleach patterns, pressed prints, and custom painted clothes. Aside from clothes he also has prints outs of his unique artwork. BabyKellum follows a similar route although their styles are definitely different from each other. She makes beautiful custom jewelry, printouts of her distinct artwork, and she does custom art on articles of clothing.

— No matter what the event is, you will be sure to find Victor Matos aka Saijajinka either displaying his eye-catching artwork or just out supporting others. The talent and energy Victor has truly spoken for itself in his art pieces as they are refreshing and amazing overall.

— Emerging from Estero, Cassius Rowley will be displaying his brand 4NG3LDUST (pronounced angel-dust) at this event. Specifically, he will be launching his fall/winter collection.

— I’m absolutely proud and honored to announce that Rain6v will be making her debut at The Variation. The amount of joy and positivity she spreads with her very unique pieces of art must not go unseen. Rain6v specializes in custom paintings on various pieces of clothing and 1/1 paintings.


To get the night started, I will be having MiddleOfTheSummer—previously known as Elijah2K—perform. This event will be one of the first times he’s got the opportunity to give more people an idea of what he’s capable of. MiddleOfTheSummer creates auto-tune driven, melodic, and soothing music that still hits hard.

Listen to MiddleOfTheSummer’s SoundCloud here →

Next up on the lineup, NYON will be unleashing the energy he’s been building up as he’s been staying behind the scenes lately. Similar to MiddleOfTheSummer, NYON portrays the same style of music but with a sprinkle of punk.

Listen to NYON/PastelMonoxide’s SoundCloud here →

Borderline midway through the lineup, LYG will be coming in with the heat. Expect him to perform some music that has been stripped away from the internet along with some unreleased gems.

Listen to LYG’s SoundCloud here →

As mentioned before, HellBoyDucatti, the artist frequently featured on MXNKEYs production, will be performing at the midpoint of the show. Ducatti will be showcasing his unbelievable skills in writing the unthinkable and ability to tackle unique sets of production.

Listen to HellBoyDucatti’s SoundCloud here →

Gradually getting closer to the end of the night, Wakizashi will give the audience an unforgettable experience with a wide range of music styles. With the help of his own production, Wakizashi manages to pull off any style of music whether it’s melodic, singing, fast rap, or borderline punk.

Listen to Wakizashi’s SoundCloud here →

The final puzzle piece of the night will be placed with the help of OeDaPrince, FuckSaki, and DarkDEVY. The inseparable three known for being some of the members of music collective “9600” will be bringing energy unlike any other. Expect mosh pits to form and willing members of the audience to rage with the performers.

Listen to OeDaPrince’s SoundCloud here →

Listen to DarkDEVY’s SoundCloud here →

Listen to FuckSaki’s SoundCloud here →

DarkDEVY, OeDaPrince, and FuckSaki respectively.

Aside from the listed performers, expect several special guests to perform in between each listed artist. Some guests will be coming in from out of state, different cities, or will already be in the 239.

Come out on August 10th, 2019 to experience The Variation. It’s free! The doors open at 7 PM. Thank you to the great people at Old Soul Brewing for letting me have the show at their establishment. The address will be provided below.

10970 S Cleveland Ave Suite 402, Fort Myers, FL 33907

Screen Shot 2019-07-23 at 3.50.54 PM.png

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