I’m sure you’ve read XXL’s article about the riot at Xxxtentacion’s show last night, it was quite the night. UNDERVIEWS was able to be there to experience the night firsthand, and there’s no better way to summarize what happened other than to say IT WAS A FUCKING MOVIE.

The show began at 8, we arrived around 8:30, and made it through the huge line into the venue at about 9:30. It was lit. Good spirits, good music, good fans, and the spectacular X + Members Only group. Kid Trunks was hyping up the crowd to what seemed to be Miami’s show of the year. With very little promotion, this “surprise” show was PACKED with 350+ people before general peak hours. It was a great time.

It wasn’t until around 10:40 when I looked over my shoulder and saw 8-12 police officers raiding the building, dressed in full tactical attire ready to blow heads–and they looked pissed. People reacted just as you think they would…yelling “F**K YOU!” & “F**K THE POLICE” as they tried to push them out of the venue as a crowd.

The police weren’t having it.

They pushed their way through the immense crowd of haters, who yelled, screamed, and pushed the officers, questioning everyone to locate the venue’s managers, or those who were in charge of the show.

At this point, X and the other performers knew what was happening, so they rushed on stage to have their moment in the spotlight–the moment people came for–before the inevitable would happened: the cops shutting us down.

After several failed attempts (the police) to get anyones attention, or to have anyone give a fuck what they said, they decide to search for the electrical system to turn off the audio and lighting in the venue. The show had been successfully stopped. The crowd chanted against the police, yelling “FUCK THE POLICE” followed by “FUCK DRAKE,” in support of their beloved artist.

X hopped on the scene, quieting everyone, explaining how we (the crowd) needed to comply with the officers in order to restore the show.

“We need everyone to be cooperative so we can get this shit going. We need to get the mixer on so we can turn the fuck up!” exclaimed X, while being cut off by police.


The boos, screeches, and the sound of people yelling “FUCK THE POLICE” filled the room…no one wanted to leave, especially since X hadn’t even hit the stage yet.

After some more fighting between the police and crowd, the police successfully got everyone out of the building–but what they didn’t think about was the affect these people could have on the streets, and the loyalty they have to X. The streets were flooded, cars were being jumped on, people were being trampled, bottles being shattered just to get a sight of X–the police had turned this into a full blown riot, and X was it’s leader.

Through many trials and tribulations, the area was slowly cleared out as the group of 400+ people chased X down the streets of Miami. We were parked in the direction where the riot was headed, so with slight worry about our car and possessions we headed near our car to protect it. Watch the video to see how this all went down.

Although I almost got my phone stolen and our car busted, it was a MOVIE. The show definitely did not turn out as X or his fans would’ve hoped, but it sure did end up being a historic night to remember.

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