UNDERWATCH: Say Hello to Lil Xelly, the Hardest Working Rapper in the Underground

Today we take a look at Rockville, Maryland artist Lil Xelly. With Q Da Fool signing to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation, Shy Glizzy gaining national attention, and Shabazz getting the Uzi co-sign, the emergence of the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) music scene is bringing attention to many up and comers from the area and Lil Xelly is determined to make it out his own way.

Xelly claims “I ain’t off beat the beat off me,” a common mindset shared among the majority of artists from the DMV. What make Xelly stand out is his work ethic to rise to the top… it’s hard to name another artist (in any genre) with the same kind of work ethic as him along,  and the wide variety of producers he works with.

Debuting in 2017 with a 100 track mixtape titled More Xelly, Xelly was simply just teasing what he had in store for the future.

Since then, Xelly has gone on to release an unprecedented amount of projects (so many he can’t even have majority of them on his SoundCloud page) along with working with some of the best rising producers in the underground right now like Brent Rambo, Basedtj, blkyth, Charlie Shuffler, Cashcache, GRiMM Doza, Sadbalmain, Sparkheem, SpizzleDoe, and others. With his versatility in beat selection, he’s no stranger to experimenting. Xelly can go from stomping on necks with a ridiculous banger to serenading about robbing his plug and sipping mud with his shorty.

Just in the last month, Lil Xelly has returned to his old ways of back to back project drops with 6 new tapes titled The Legend of Xelda, Rxelly, #XarlieChuffler, Final Fantasy 2, No Way Out, and just today Invader XRR!  Coming in with a total of 34 new tracks, Xelly continues displaying that he can do it all as he opens up the Legend of Xelda with a discombobulating track produced by the legendary Brodinski; best known for his work with 21 Savage, Young Nudy, and Hoodrich Pablo Juan.

With #XarlieChuffler, he taps in with prominent producer Charlie Shuffler to give us two quick tracks showing that the bars and flow that brought his fan base hasn’t gone anywhere. 

In his latest tape, Invader XRR, Xelly showcases the versatility once again. He comes in with a face-scrunching banger produced by Sparkheem and goes on to harmonize the rest of the way. With the DMV’s Yung Manny and Xanman massing viral attention across social media, Lil Xelly is not allowing himself to be left out of who’s next up from the DMV.

Follow Xelly on Twitter, Instagram, and stay up to date with his releases on SoundCloud. Check out his new video for Step In the Name Of XRR! on YouTube:

Jordan Johnson

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