@Vesthetiic is the 18 year old graphic designer you need to know

Vesthetic–a young grapic designed form Denver Colorado–is the designer of a music colective here called SKRVLLZ. At only 18 years old, Vesthetic has spent over 2+ years freelancing…working towards his passions.

Although deeply skilled in the art, Vesthetic considers himself “new to the game,” but knows that ” all [his] life [he] loved art.” At the beginning of his designed days, it was a friend (@VuthentiK) who intorduced him to the craft.

I think I’m decent , but I know I have room to improve a lot! I haven’t really done anything major , just done art for producers rellim , and Ledericks edible campaign..

  • Vesthetic

Attached below are some of his personal favorite pieces. All of the pieces below are designed by himself, excluding the floral statue collaboration with @BLAZZYNW & the blood rose graphic collaboration with @RatedArtistic.

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