Who is “rapping happy hippy” Ivan Magaña?

Self-proclaimed “rapping happy hippy” Ivan Magaña just completed his debut performances–and it was incredible. Ivan Magaña was given the opportunity to perform at JamFest, a Naples event highlighting local rock bands from across Florida. Being the only rapper on the scene, you could tell the nervousness was killing Ivan…how would the rock music-wanting crowed react to his craft?

The crowd of over 70 people were skeptical of Ivan who had only asked for a microphone when hoping on stage (after 20+ rock groups with their incredibly complex setups and expensive instruments)…what kind of music could they expect from the rapping happy hippy?

That didn’t stop him. Ivan hoped on stage and started his set. Less than 40 seconds in I could see mouths dropping and shocked faces all over…this rapper was killing it!

Ivan is known for his highly conscious, politically-fueled, emotional rap–which goes contrary to the trends you see in the rap industry. The crowd wasn’t expecting to see anything different, and expected the drug and violence fueled, womanizing lyrics that are popular in todays music. Ivan is different, and with this, he will pave his way to success.

Connect with Ivan on Twitter, Instagram, and make sure to check out all the songs on his SoundCloud.

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