Why do we need to pay?

At UNDERVIEWS, we believe opinion based writing is the core-component of music discovery. This process should never be tainted by things like payola. As any respectable brand should be, we’re not driven by the money factor.

That being said, the hard truth of running a sustainable publication involves a lot of costs, and if we want to grow, we need your help.

For years now, we’ve tried to get more ears and eyes on content that deserve them. To expedite the content creation and handling process, we are now trying to require donations to keep the brand sustainable. This money goes directly into expanding our outreach, reaching more artists, paying content creators/writers, server and marketing costs, and the other countless mediums to improve the stability and of the brand. We’ve listed a few packages curated for your submissions with suggested donation rates below. $10 from each of you help.

We only accept submissions from artists who we truly believe deserve our audience’s attention, while we make sure our audience is only being fed good content. We appreciate our readers, and would never share content that doesn’t come from the heart. Keep in mind, you can always be considered without a donation, but in order to filter and expedite submission, approved donators will always be considered first.

To keep it simple, our goal is and has always been the same: To put music over money.

Make a submission now.