Yopper Zaddy is Adding to the Colorful Painting that is Philly’s Rap Scene

Hailing from Philadelphia, Yopper Zaddy’s latest track titled “Dish Sink” is a testament to the creative purity in Yopper’s artistic expression.

A meditative ode to blue-collar workers reflecting on their lives during menial tasks, dish sink hits notes reminiscent of howls by DRAM and his soulful predecessors while taking influence from awkward note composers such as Fetty Wap, Peewee Longway, Skippa The Flippa, Ski Mask, and even Young Dro. Yop also takes inspiration from awkward, larger than life rappers like Lil B for not only the confidence to his own authenticity but as a criteria switch for what would commonly be considered good or successful music and a barometer for greatness.

Born and raised in Philly, the only time Yop has lived outside the city was a move to Colombia South Carolina, which has little to no music scene other than the prominent jazz. Like many high schoolers, college students, and kids involved in their neighborhood with a circle of friends that have a common interest in hip hop, Yop got his introduction to music creation by freestyling with friends and homies. After being in the studio with friends taking music more seriously than a pastime or hobby, Yop noticed a knack for being able to help with the songwriting structure for any given song. This prompted him to consider and exercise the potential of his talent.

After realizing South Carolina was not a place to take music seriously, Yop moved back to Philly; which in his eyes is hitting a creative crescendo with artists like Uzi Vert and PNB Rock reaching critical and commercial appeal in a city known for it’s gritty and flashy street rappers kin to Meek Mill. This gives Yop open ears to sonic exploration to apply his own musical tastes.

Yop states his main goal is to create music based on real-life experiences, whether, of his or the friends and family around him, he wants his music to be in sync with his reality, and enjoyed by people close to him.

Even “Dish Sink” is drawn from the simple reality of time wasted while washing dishes, and wishing there was a song with enough replayability and substance to be able to loop when you have those tough stains and don’t want to wet your phone by changing the track. This is just another testament to his authenticity and intentional utility created, as he calls it his “anti-lullaby” to wake up a mind involved in tedious tasks.

Yop is currently working on two projects, a experimental project “Sweet Seven 30” as well as a more composed and thought out project “Ybybyd,” which could be viewed as his mixtape and album respectively. With tracks like “Dish Sink” to help you through the year at work or on your time off, in both meditative moments and redundant tasks, or both at the same time, it is sure to have replay-ability for months to come, giving listeners plenty of reason to come back and check up on the Philadelphian musician for what’s in store next.

If you want to to take a quick dive into the mind of Yop, listen to his favorite track here or our personal favorite from him here. You can find more of Yop’s music on Soundcloud and get to know him a little better on Instagram and Twitter.

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